Get more results from your partnerships.

Inner cycle

We design and manage your reach to partners on our platform and further.


We manage your existing or new coming partnerships.

Outreach solutions

Analyze: We analyze your challenges and define opportunities.

Plan: Ideating & planning what kind of companies should target

Design: We design your funnels on our platform or on your channels.

Attract: We work on improving your visibility, 

organize custom events, and out-reach for your company.

Evaluate: We pre-screen and profile incoming partners and bring to you only the most relevant ones.

Manage or boost your reach: Monitor and adjust easily to your reach.



Ideate: Ideate possible partnership combinations.

Design: Structuring & prototyping of partnering models. 

Test: Continuous and agile testing of partnering models.

Establish: The fundamentals of partnerships

Communication: Mediation  and account management.

Negotiation: We support your negotiation process.



Team: Recruit with us.

Resources: Build with us.

Culture: Curate with us.


Regular assessments

Continous supports

Relationship management


Build resources, gain traction, get Poof of Concept, new revenue, find talent and contributors and more.

For startups

Find/manage startups and service partners. Get investment, M&A, and strategic partnership deals.

For enterprises

Start free

We bring the most relevant companies to propose solutions to you to evaluate. 


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