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There are hundreds of medium to large enterprises in our network seeking exciting partnerships.

Find large corporations, VCs, and other startups to partner with.

Traction, PoC, Product, Biz-dev, Investment, and many more opportunities

Gain traction

We have roughly 3,000 mid-large enterprises in our network that are ready to invest and try-out new startups for adapting to the fast-changing world. Join us and grow together.

Develop supply chain

Let us show you how easy to spot wasted resources and reduce the costs by re-organizing your partners or bringing more partners on your network to support your growth.

Barter, Pro-bono, Perks

Collaborative spirit at the core. Especially for startups, B2B collaboration is one of the key capabilities to achieve goals more efficiently. 

Product and tech dev

Consider developing technologies around your startup with enterprises, service providers, or other startups from all around the world.

Founding opportunities

Found rising is a rocky process. We have both expertise and network. Get support for your goals in partnership perspective including finding and evaluating investors for your startup. 

Start today

Start getting inquiries today about following opportunities;

Make PoC project with large enterprises

Enterprise sales and partnership

Find investors


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