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Partnerships Simplified.

No or weak product? Build traction, and make sales from day one!
Limited or slow market? Utilize partnerships for effective global GTM and expansion!
Career seeker? Learn how to boost your network, connect and collaborate!

Build a collaborative community, and monetize

"Inspire, and integrate the world's best (and open) partner programs for the common growth."

Generate revenue even from
non-converting outbound activities

Openforco enables you to profit from outbound activities, including even those that don't immediately convert, like searching for content creation partners. The key is our mutual incentive program. The more you seek partnerships, engaging your network and activating ours, the more you earn.

Multiracial Colleagues

But, there are some challenges in
developing partnerships and collaborations

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Too much steps to succeed, and no clear mainstream guide


Irregular, volatile, and inconsistent introduction and deals


Lack of community to help each other, build and grow together

Slow ROI

Making money out of partnerships is slow and unpredictable

Introducing is an "all-in-one, 4-dimensional global partnership development platform"

1. Accelarator

2. Software Tool

3. Monetization

4. Marketplace

Partnership Accelerator Bootcamp on Revenue generating partnerships, and Global GTM

Partner Program Builder Software with Built-in prospecting and 
Outreach tool

Incentive Program that let you generate revenue even if you don't have a product!

Marketplace integrations and obtain systems to expand your partner network world-wide.

Asynchronous Accelerator Program: Learn and implement partnerships

Learn how to leverage strategic partnerships to increase your revenue at the World's First Partnership Development Academy!