Are you open for fellowship?

Looking for launching your own startup or a remote working career in the world of innovation?

About initiative is a completely remote-accelerator targets young people from anywhere in the world to provide entrepreneurship and career opportunities by delivering education, gigs, competitions, mentorships, internships, and many more.


We are priorities underprivileged countries and communities around the world first. We will work on spreading business and job opportunities worldwide.

Be fellow of our platform, contribute, show-off, gain practice, and exposure.

"We are looking for at least university students, new grads, and young professionals who are seeking new opportunities to collaborate."

Benefits and supports

Get mentorship support for your career or startup worldwide.


Join our events to gain knowledge and network.


Resources for developing yourself or your startup.


Contribute with our  platform and gain more visibility.


Slack & our other social communities.


We post complete remote gigs, internships, and jobs.

Career opportunities

"Or have an idea to build a solution for a big challenge? 

Get support for your startup idea."

General application and acceptance process


We open 4 batches every year.


We interview and make a quiz.


Once you selected we deliver terms.

"Challenge with the old world order, support us to democratize the

opportunities together."



University student, English speaking only.


Outgoing, flex-able, open minded, entrepreneurial.


Smartphone, proper computer, and Internet access.

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The world-changing fast.

Apply by just introducing yourself.

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