Our company

We are a management consulting company that focuses to solve key challenges behind growth through building strategic collaborations around the world. 


We have a mission,

True innovation happens when you collaborate with true partners. We are building a true place for enhancing innovation, sustainable growth, and creating common value.

_ to achieving a bigger vision together,

Reach every part of the world and support the entrepreneurial human endeavor.

_ and we need your collaboration.

We as openfor.co in the innovation business. And we are witnessing many startups and even unbeatable enterprises got beaten in the fast, disrupting world. The world needs innovation more than ever before. 

Image by John Doyle

Founding team

We support people and organizations seeking growth, influence, and agility to build the next generation of products and services by building meaningful collaborations. We are a small team with a big goal: Make the world more collaborative. To achieving it we are open for collaborations!


Erdinç Ekinci

Co-founder, CEO

With 9+ years professional and entrepreneurial experience in business development in the global startup era.


Yuli Shein

Co-founder, COO

With 11+ years professional and executive experience in corporate development and growth-related positions.

HQ and Operations

353 Sacramento Street FL18 Suite 1812, San Francisco, CA 94111
Currently, we are working remotely!