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It's a weekly invitation-only and private discussion meeting concept. Max 20 attendees.

45 minutes talk with the guest of the week: with 
no presentations, no memorized speeches.

Freee networking between attendee companies after the sessions.

For startups, enterprises and investors from all around the world.


Collaborative potential discover and development workshops on MIRO.

Mixed room for smaller companies and private rooms options for larger enterprises.

For any stage and size of startups, enterprises, and departments.

Get actionable strategy highlights, and asessment reports after the workhop for free.

Startup founders who attended

From Japan, U.S, U.K, Germany, Italy, Estonia, Turkey,  Israel,  Thailand, Singapore 











and many more ...

Some of the attended enterprises

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This week's networking lead

September 28, 6 PM JST

Tomoyuki Iwanaga

I joined IBM in 1984 and worked as B2B sales by targeting especially medium-sized Enterprises from Japan and Worldwide for more than 20 years. With that carrier, I have built a strong Enterprise network in Japan.

I have a special interest in South East Asia and new business development. So I quit IBM in 2005 and joined an IT Japanese company in charge of overseas and Japan's new business development. After two years, I was assigned as CEO of the Myanmar Branch. I built it from scratch and expanded it to more than 100 employees within a very short time. That company was the very first IT Japanese company in Myanmar. 


In 2011, I started my own current company called Global Innovation Consulting Inc which is an overseas business development consultancy firm powered by 250 employees, headquartered in Tokyo - Japan, and has offices in San Francisco - USA, Cebu, Manila - Philippines, and Yangon, Mandalay - Myanmar. We also introduce bilingual system engineers to the Japanese IT Market and offshore development. 

Currently, I have a special interest in startups across the world and would like to connect between the world and Japan by contributing foreign companies able to come easily to Japan Market and likewise for Japanese companies to overseas markets. 

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