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Internship Program Activities - 6th Batch

Updated: Apr 5, 2022 Internship Program 6th Batch has started on 6th January 2022.

Many youths from our community with different backgrounds applied for this batch to explore the working experiences in the respective field they are interested in and to learn more about the working culture at We screened the applicants and selected 14 talented candidates from our community to join our internship program.

In this blog, you can see how talented youths ideate and brainstorm new business strategies and work together to level up their skills during Internship program. We are really more than happy to support these talented youths, we assigned the interns to different teams during the internship program according to their interests and skills. The team includes Design Team, Human Resources Team, Project Planning Team, IT Team, and Digital Marketing Team.

Design Team

As a Design team, there is only one intern during this batch but she really did a great job for During this internship, she prepared and make creative designs to use in our social media platforms.

Human Resources Team

During the internship program, the main activities of Human Resources Team interns are following up on all the interns' activities, preparing recruitments posts, and blogs, and making announcements. They have learned skills in HR functions, time management, and also blog creating during the internship period at

Digital Marketing Team

During the internship, marketing interns are mainly responsible to prepare and write social media content, and blogs in a timely schedule. Apart from these, marketing interns have to prepare and plan for the coffee hour event. After the internship at , they have learned a lot about digital marketing and enhanced their skills in the marketing field.

Planning Team

As a planning team, our interns have to research and analyze business companies and also be responsible for business blog writing. Planning team interns overcome challenges and put great impactful inputs to during their internship period.

IT Team

During the internship program, our IT team interns focus on adding new features to the company's website and fixing errors and bugs. They are very outstanding and did a really good job during the internship. And after the internship program, because of their performance, they also got hired as team members of the IT team at

6th Batch Internship Program Finished on March 4th, 2022.

We successfully finished our 6th batch internship program on March 4th, 2022. This batch internship is started in January 2022 and we would like to thank all interns and members for their contribution and excellent input towards during this internship program. If you found it interesting to become a part of our community, please subscribe to this blog or follow our Social Media LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more interesting and exciting programs!



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