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Updated: Apr 21, 2022

With the objectives to help young undergraduates and fresh graduates, who do not have any working experience, community is initiated from Sep 2020. Since we started our fellowship community, we have gotten around 3,000 applicants from youths with diverse backgrounds from over 50 universities from over 20 countries. Among them, we selected around 127 youths and have provided them the chance to join our exclusive only programs, scholarships, internship and job opportunities.

Since we started this community, we have launched 6 internship batches (6th batch is currently running) and provided internship opportunities to 66 youths out of 127 selected youths. You can check out in A Flashback of Journey blog for more details about other programs.

In this blog we’ll cover the following topics of internship program.

1. Introduction of Internship Program

It is a 1-month or 2-months long intense remote career bootstrapping program in an international working environment with pretty much flexible working time. We are recruiting 3 times a year for the following roles.

  • HR

  • IT (Web Developer)

  • Graphic Design

  • Digital Marketing

  • Product Design and Planning

  • Market Research

  • Business Development

1.1. Perks and Benefits:

  • Certificate and recommendation letter

  • Work from home

  • International working experiences

  • Direct mentorship from seniors

  • Part-time/ Full-time job opportunities

1.2. Eligibility

  • Community Members

  • Must have presentable LinkedIn Profile

  • Actively have joined and supported the community activities

1.3. Requirement &.Responsibility

Requirements and responsibility are different based on the positions that you applied for. Please see in the old internship recruitment post as reference.

  • HR Administrator

  • Planning & Project Management

  • Digital Marketing

  • Web Development

  • Graphic Design & Video Editing

1.4. Duration and Time

  • 2 months long & 10 hours/weekly or 1 month-long & 20 hours/weekly

  • Working times are flexible

  • Daily and Weekly Meeting Times are fixed

1.5. Education Status

  • Undergraduate/Graduated

1.6. Salary

  • This is an unpaid internship, but there will be an evaluation process during this program. After the process, you will get hired as Paid Internship or full-time or part-time if you meet our company's certain requirements.

2. How to Join Internship Program

First you need to become an community member. Please check “4. How to become a fellow?” in FAQ blog.

3. What it is like working as an intern here

To become a part of our internship program, the necessary interviews will be held in order to know applicants better and in which roles you will fit in according to your skills and experiences. The tasks you need to carry on will be very different based on which team you belong to. Please check out the last internship members activities and testimonials to have a better understanding.

3.1. Internship Programs’ Activities

3.2. Internship Programs’ Testimonials

4. Join our community and apply our internship programs

Within a month or two months based on your availability, you must complete the assignments of your assigned team in a timely manner within the allotted time. You can have development training during that time. From working as an intern at, you will get in the habit of getting things done on time and also using the new software which is important in Business as well.

After working as an intern, you will be able to see more of the ideas and perspectives. Your network connection community will expand and have the experience of using more advanced digital devices. Because of preparing business reports; construction and planning, you will feel confident in entrepreneurship and in your own business.

To join the internship program, you must be our community member first. You can be our community member by finishing the Capsule Program. We’re planning to launch the Capsule Program 4th batch very soon and the 7th batch internship program is on the way too! So stay tuned.

To know more about our upcoming programs, please subscribe to this blog or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

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