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Internship Program Activities - 5th Batch Internship Program 5th Batch has started on 2nd August 2021.

Many youths from our Community with different backgrounds applied for this batch. We screened and selected candidates from our community.

In this blog, you can see how youths from different countries are working together to reach their goals. In the 5th batch, there are five groups in total (Digital Marketing, Creative Design, and Video editing, Project planning, Human resources, and IT support teams). We assigned them the related tasks and responsibilities for each team to get used to the real job tasks and gave them experiences.

Digital Marketing Team

As a Digital Marketing team, the interns respectively took care of two different parts ( Digital Marketing and the Business Content Writing). They are mainly responsible for content creation and planning, managing quality control, and research and understanding content. The team members are from different countries but they work together harmoniously.

Creative Design & Video Editing team

As a Creative Design & Video Editing team, there is only one intern but she really did a great job for In this internship, she designed mostly for our YouTube Channel and others more.

Project planning team

As a project planning team, the interns are mainly responsible for planning new projects for Their project planning and ideas are amazing and you can find brief ideas about their projects in the following video. Even though they are in different locations and countries, they work effectively together as a team.

Human Resources team

She learned and improved her time management, teamwork experience, and effective communication. Her favorite parts and moments in this internship is collaborative and communicating with other teams.

IT support team

As an IT support team, they made all alignments and group elements for website. They created a user registration form. Moreover, they carried out Wix operation and coding for retrieving and updating data.

5th Batch Internship Program finished on 30th Sept 2021.

We successfully finished our 5th Batch Internship Program on 30th Sept 2021. We really thank and appreciate our fellows for actively working and participating during this internship. Please check 5th batch internship testimonial for more insights. If you found it interest to join our internship programs, please subscribe to this blog or follow our Social Media Linkedin and Facebook pages and youtube channel. Stay tuned for more interesting and fabulous programs are around the corner!



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