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Thank You 2023, and Welcome to 2024! Wrap Up!

Updated: Jan 30

Hello, collaborators! As 2023 ends and 2024 begins, we're filled with gratitude for our past successes and excitement for future possibilities. Let's reflect on our achievements and growth from the challenges we've overcome, and celebrate the end of this year at

2023 was an amazing year and in this article, we will share our transformation, most recent updates, milestones, events, partnerships, and many more! Let's dive in! 🏊

1. Updated definitions, inc, is a “B2B Collaboration Development Platform” originated in Silicon Valley that provides an online platform and bootcamps for learning, building, launching, and growing with partner programs. We help not only larger enterprises but also startups and even SMBs to take advantage of the partnerships and collaborations for validation, getting traction, increasing revenues, funding, and many more. We have an estimated multiple 9 figures impact on our members even though we just started 4 years ago by fully bootstrapping!

A little nostalgia: Back in 2019 our journey started as a small individual consulting practice and then evolved into a journey of building a product/platform. We have now become a SaaS business, that makes developing partnerships easy for startups, and SMBs combined with training programs with world-class experts. 🧑‍🔬

As continued to evolve, it set its sights on becoming a "Collab Launch-pad & Accelerator". This transition is not just upgrades in services or offerings but represents a deepening of's commitment to fostering partnerships. 🧩

TLDR: So it's a "Partner builder SaaS tool bundled with a accelerator Bootcamp " :)

Let's start by redefining what we offer: It's a combination of 3 things summarized as Learn, Build, and Grow:

  • Learn - Collaborator Academy: Training programs to learn how to take advantage of collabs such as our Collaborator Boot Camp.

  • Build - Our SaaS product: A set of tools that helps you to build partner programs, tell your story, generate collaboration ideas, identify your target partners, reach out to them, and then manage your partnerships.

  • Grow - The Collaborative Growth Framework: A launch pad, and an incentivization program that funds your partnership development activities for enabling ROI from collaborations!

2. Creating more collaboration opportunities to grow business and startup ecosystems around the world

Growth happens when anyone understands how to incentivize others to make them want to work together with you. Because the collaboration between businesses leads to mutual growth. We envision a world where unity prevails, collaboration outshines competition, and every endeavor contributes to a shared victory.

  • Our vision is "Making the world a more collaborative place"

  • Our mission is "to create more collaboration opportunities to grow business ecosystems around the world"


3. Driving Sustainable Development Through Social Collaboration and Entrepreneurship

In a world marked by dynamic challenges and opportunities, the role of entrepreneurship in fostering sustainable development cannot be overstated. As advocates for positive change, our commitment aligns with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a primary focus on three key pillars: SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth, SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, and SDG 17 - Partnership for the Goals. 

Let's have a look at each:

  • In alignment with SDG 8, we as facilitates job creation and economic growth through entrepreneurship, emphasizing mentorship and skill development to build an inclusive ecosystem throughout our youth fellowship community with 1500 members -mostly from Southeast Asia" whom we interned and/or employed more than 130 of them, and 20 of them was able to get jobs and move to World's top 10 developed countries. Also, we actively advocate our opportunity creation for youth best practices to our members, clients, partners, and portfolio companies.

  • For SDG 9, we actively support startups and early-stage enterprises, fostering a culture of innovation to contribute to sustainable industrialization and environmentally responsible growth.

  • Under the banner of SDG 17, we prioritize collaborative partnerships that transcend boundaries, engaging with governments, non-profits, corporations, and diverse stakeholders to amplify the impact of our collective efforts.

By empowering individuals for positive change, fostering innovative collaborations, and building strategic alliances, we strive to contribute to a sustainable world for future generations.

Help us on our mission by spreading the word. It all takes as little effort as following us on LinkedIn and engaging our content to give a lie, comment, or re-post. This helps a ton to reach new people who might need what we do.


4. Our Story: Building Something That Should’ve Existed

We had this idea that something useful should exist, but we found out it didn't. So, we decided to create one. If you want to know more about our journey, we have pen down our story this year in order to give more context about what we do and why do it every day. Read our story here:


5. Notable accomplishments

As we navigate through this year, we are delighted to share that is continuing substantial traction in various forms, affirming the resonance and impact of our endeavors.

  • Dynamic Events: 20 events with 2000 total attendees in 2023 with attendees from ranging Fortune 500, to Governments, to Unicorns startups to Academia.

  • Building an equity portfolio: 29 new startups, multiple 8 figures estimated valuations.

  • Launching new programs: Launched boot camps

  • 100K Monthly Impression on Linkedin: We've hit 100K monthly impressions on LinkedIn, showing our strong online growth and our team's dedication. Our commitment to quality and reliability is paying off, making us a preferred choice for our members. We're optimistic about maintaining this momentum and keeping up with our audience's needs. 🚀

  • Mentoring: Provided mentoring office hours to 150 startups on GTM, partnership developments, business model innovations, internationalization, and many more

  • Strategic Consulting: Provided consulting from large enterprises to venture capital firms to government officials on startup ecosystem development, internationalization, global partnerships, venture capital, and community building.

  • Other collaborations: We intentionally try to lighten the definition of collaborations so they can be availed to do by even with very early-stage startups and individuals. Hundreds of bite-size collaborations on LinkedIn people join monthly to support our mission and get joint benefits at the same time.


6. Building new Platform Features and Products

We are thrilled to announce the exciting launch of several innovative products, showcasing the hard work and dedication of our amazing team. These additions are designed to bring even more value to our customers, and partners and we're committed to continuously improving to stay ahead in our industry. We can't wait to see the positive impact of these enhancements on our business and to keep providing our customers with top-notch quality and value. 

1. Platform / Product Features

  • Collab Call (New): Direct interaction between partners, enhancing real-time engagement and fostering stronger connections with a tier-based payment option; if your collaboration call requires a budget, you can ask your partners and reward them.

  • Referral Program (Coming Soon): This allows you to build your own referral program easily to incentivize and reward users for bringing in new partners.

  • Dashboard (New): A user-friendly interface for both administrators and users, ensuring easy navigation, access to key information, and ease of developing collabs and programs.

  • Story (New): The stories allow you to share narratives of their collaborative journey, creating a more personalized and engaging communication to attract partners.

  • Preset Collabs (New): Offering predefined collaboration templates for quick and efficient partner program setup, saving you time and effort.

  • Personal Collabs (Coming Soon): Personal partner program and collab call are on the way, Coming Soon! This will allow even individuals to build programs.

  • PRM Tool: The Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Tool allows you to invite existing partners easily with a built-in incentivization model that we provide, giving more convenience to earn rewards from us while you are building your own program.

2. Promotional Features

  • Sponsored Listing

  • Campaigns

  • Outreach

  • Event promotions and shoutouts

  • Co-blogging and content co-creation with us

  • Get featured on our social media and tagging

3. Academy Features

  • Bootcamps: A transformative four-stage program of “Discover, Build, Launch, and Grow” designed to challenge and strengthen participants, fostering collaborative efforts and strategic collaborations.

  • Launch: It’s a special program to help you to prep, reach, promote, and manage collaboration campaigns with a combination of our platform features. 

  • Workshops: Hands-on learning experiences and practical insights into the intricacies of partner program development.

  • Events: Insightful sessions, network with industry experts, and discover opportunities to enhance your partner program strategy.

  • Office Hours: One-on-one sessions with mentors and experts to address your specific questions and challenges in partner program development.

4. Partnership Features

  • From us: We make you our affiliate partners and help you to build partnerships by using our offerings. The more and better you use our platform the more chance to get affiliate earnings you can get from us.

  • From you: As part of our offering we also help you to build your own partner program, including an affiliate program, and we integrate your program as well. the more activities you can do with us the more revenue you can generate from our community as well.

  • Paid collabs: Create collaboration ideas, define a budget with tier-based contributions, define what they will get, and invite your audience to crowdsource your paid collabs. 


7. Updated Pricing plan and Packages

Our plans and packages consist of the following:

  1. Product

  2. Training

  3. Promotion

  4. Incentivization

We have updated 4 major plans Freemium, Light, Standard, and Advanced packages. We always have more advanced solutions open as bespoke as well. The basic logic behind the pages is the higher the plan is better the incentivization, product support, and back-office support from us. So it gives you a chance to take advantage of partnerships to your business.

Select the package that suits your partnership goals and let amplify your success.


8. Introducing the collaborative approach

If you look at the successful businesses closely, you would notice that they are very much collaborative to some certain extent. Naturally, most businesses start very small, and they are required to use resources very efficiently and make the right decisions that can grow sustainably long-term. The collaborative approach is undermines the following:

  1. Value Creation through Collaborations (Collabs): Collaborations bring together diverse strengths, perspectives, and resources, leading to innovative solutions and enhanced offerings. They provide a direct feedback loop and ensure that any co-created product or service aligns with real market needs.

  2. Adopting a Giving Mindset: The strategy involves continuously providing value through sharing knowledge, insights, and solutions, fostering trust and positioning oneself as an industry leader. This approach creates a magnetic pull where clients seek to do business with you due to the value you bring.

  3. Building a Collaborative Audience First: The strategy starts by building a community of engaged individuals and businesses who believe in the vision. This community is not just potential customers but active collaborators.

  4. Monetizing Before Product Development: Once a thriving community is established, the next step is monetization through understanding community needs and offering valuable solutions, often with the help of partnerships to expand reach and create new revenue streams.

  5. Product Development After Monetization: With a monetized, engaged audience, product development becomes more informed, guided by direct feedback and insights. The launched product is more likely to be met with anticipation and excitement.

  6. Pros and Cons: The approach has benefits like market demand validation, early revenue streams, and strong customer relationships. Challenges include managing expectations, balancing focus, and resource allocation.

The essence of this strategy is building relationships not only with customers but also with partners, influencers, and competitors, recognizing the potential for mutual growth in collaboration and then building or pivoting or re-positioning your product accordingly.


9. Featuring voices from our collaborative community

Some of our community members were kind enough to give us some testimonies. We would like to show our appreciation by mentioning this here as well. Here are the published ones, there are many testimonies on the way!

Here’s our community blog post - The Collaborative Approach Made Possible: Spotlighting Our Most Recent Collaborators ( A new community blog post is coming soon and we’ll be regularly updating our supporters there, collaborate with us and become part of it!

We were astounded by the positive feedback. Here are some standout comments:

"This will be a valuable opportunity to rapidly prepare for partner development and engage at a high level!" 

- Daisuke Ito - Founder and CEO of Ad-Dice 

"Looks interesting. I know you both have succeeded at making many partnerships in Japan and also Korea too now!" 

- Tyson Batino - Founder and CEO -  Scaling Your Company 

"🚀 Congrats to Openfor on launching this golden opportunity for startups! A comprehensive boot camp to master collaboration and supercharge growth. 🤝" 

"This looks great! Thanks for providing opportunities to collaborate and build our network!" - - - Raghvendra Jain Ph.D. - Co-founder at Optimays Inc. 

"Absolutely thrilled about this! 🚀 Sounds like an opportunity not to be missed."  

- Ace Apolonio - CEO at Fusionate AI 

"This looks like a really unique opportunity! Partnership development has become a new focus for my company, so I will definitely look into applying for the cohort!" 

"The fact that the first pilot cohort is FREE makes it even more exciting – kudos for making it accessible to aspiring entrepreneurs." 

- InGyn Nyi - Assistant Business Advisor at SME intellect 

Openfor's 4-week boot camp will begin on August 22. (Erdinç Ekinci 🙋‍♂️ & Yu Li Shein) The deadline to register is August 20. I'm planning to attend! 

- Takamichi Matsusako - Founder / CEO / Habit Designer at CALENDAR Inc.


9. Testimonies about

“As a graduate of the first cohort, I have to say that it was quite helpful. Whether you're just starting out or already have experience with partnerships and collaborations, the, Inc. team teaches how to make good collaborations. It is also another opportunity to network with quality entrepreneurs and give and receive feedback on each other's businesses.”

"The diversity of the international cohort at is one of its standout features. Gaining momentum for our startup has been vital. Their approach has allowed us to delve into the intricacies of partnership dynamics, and provides resources, including online tools and a specialized academy, making it a valuable platform for growth and collaboration. This will be essential as we venture into an international collaboration of innovation and startup ecosystem building.”

Achieving the first wave of traction is a game-changer for startups. With, I've grasped the significance of harnessing partnerships. The resources they provide, from a collaborator academy to a unique incentivization model, and the online platform are noteworthy.

Naoko Fujihira, Kachibin Co.Ltd

Our partnership with brings a new perspective and highlights that even start-ups can grow through strategic partnerships. Insights and guidance from Erdinc, Yuli, and their dedicated team guided us towards an ideal collaboration for market validation and traction. They generously shared their precious time and passion with us. Also, the tools combined with training are essential and highly recommended.


10. Our Notable Public Partnerships

Reaching new milestones, we're delighted to share our partnership with Founder Institute Japan and the exciting launch of FI Korea. Together, we embark on a journey of innovation and entrepreneurial excellence, fostering growth and empowering aspiring founders in the dynamic landscapes of Japan and Korea.

Launching Founder Institute Korea

For us to support more startups, we have partnered with the Founder Institute, a renowned global pre-seed accelerator. This partnership represents a significant milestone for FI, as it enables FI to tap into the resources and expertise of one of the most respected organizations in the startup ecosystem.

Founder Institute is the largest pre-seed accelerator and world’s most proven network to turn ideas into fundable startups, and startups into global businesses. Since 2009, FI structured accelerator programs have helped over 6,000 entrepreneurs raise over $1.75BN in funding. We have 25,000+ mentors worldwide in 200+ cities and 95+ countries.

"In 2023, the Founder Institute decided to establish the Korea program, intending to transform the Korean startup community into a global one. To achieve this, the program is conducted entirely in English and will cater not only to Koreans but also to foreign startup entrepreneurs.

With the leadership of Erdinc Ekinci and Yu Li Shein, the co-founders of, the Founder Institute Korea 2023 Cohort program was initiated from scratch on Mar 23rd, with the recruitment of partners and mentors. In a remarkably short span, the program was launched in March, with support from early supporters in the Korea Startup Ecosystem. And we have successfully conducted our 2023 cohort now.

More than 35  Mentors from Korea and global startup ecosystems joined FI to help the next generation of entrepreneurs build great businesses in Korea.

More than 90 ecosystem partners joined as well.

Founder Institute Korea '23 Program is finally kicking off on Mar 23rd, 2023 . The Founder Institute Korea '23 cohort has kicked off with over 12 Founders, representing very different nations, joining from different countries and an exciting array of industry and sector innovations out of around 100 applicants.

With founders from diverse backgrounds and industries, like Sport, Education, AR(3D), SNS, Real Estate, NLP, Fintech, E-commerce, HR, Travel, and many more innovative, change-making startups led by talented entrepreneurs. 

Founder Institute Japan continues

The Founder Institute Japan recently celebrated the graduation of 23 startup founders from its 2023 cohort, a notable increase from the original 17. This diverse group was chosen from a group of over 100 applicants, embarking on a focused 14-week program that included challenging assignments and mentorship from over 60 industry experts. The Founder Institute Japan's dedication to fostering innovation is evident in the significant growth of successful graduates, showcasing the program's effectiveness in preparing emerging entrepreneurs for success in the competitive startup landscape. The Founder Institute Japan remains at the forefront of supporting and empowering the next generation of startup leaders, as demonstrated by the remarkable achievements of its 2023 cohort.

FI Global Highlights

This year we collectively:

  • Eclipsed 7000 FI Portfolio companies, spanning 107 countries worldwide

  • Established a record number of partnerships with governments, universities and corporations (in both deal volume, and deal revenue)

  • Grew the FI Venture Network to over 700 “first and second-check” investors, facilitating hundreds of targeted introductions for our portfolio

  • Hosted 652 global and local startup events (including 96 in-person events), providing education and networking opportunities to over 60,000 aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs worldwide

  • Hosted our first in-person FounderX Conference since 2018, with FI Network members from 40 countries in attendance

  • Released a massive update to our ‘Entrepreneur DNA Assessment’, providing more accurate results, personalized reports, and new partnership opportunities

  • Perhaps more impressively, our brave Alumni raised over $75M in 2023, rising above the hype-based companies that have flooded our communities, and displaying the resilience and determination that we preach.



In 2023, had an amazing year, hosting 8 successful events, with 4 fantastic collaborations with Founder Institute Japan and 3 awesome partnered events with Founder Institute Korea! Alongside these international adventures, we also led eight exclusive events, all geared toward sparking innovation and collaboration within our wonderful entrepreneurial community.

One of our proudest moments was pulling off the world's first cohort-based partnership Bootcamp, making a positive impact on aspiring entrepreneurs globally. Our strategic partnership with Founder Institute, is marked by 3 events in FI Korea, 4 in FI Japan, and 8 under, showcased a commitment to collaborative innovation.

The world's first partnership Bootcamp emerged as a standout achievement, reflecting Open's dedication to supporting startups and leaving a lasting impact on the global entrepreneurial landscape through its journey with Founder Institute.

Events Partnering with FI Japan

Other Partnering Events

  1. How Large Organizations Can Launch a Successful Venture Building Program

  2. How-to-start-a-global-startup-with-founder-institute-korea-maru360

  3. Startup Funding in Korea: How to Raise Money Across Borders @Google Campus 

  4. Enterprise AI - Current and Future Frontiers

  5. OPEN GATE CONFERENCE in partnership with the government, and large enterprises

  6. Venture Trailblazers, featuring Scott Belsky (Chief Strategy Officer & EVP, Adobe).

  7. Develop and Successfully Implement an effective Innovation Strategy 

  8. GSA Demo Day Event - WED, Nov 22, 2023

  9. Lessons Learned from Bootstrapping to $10 Million

  10. Launching on Product Hunt: Proven Success Tactics  (Can’t find the link)

  11. FLY Asia 2023 Conference: Our Founder and CEO, are invited to mentor startups, participate in pitch competitions as a judge, and speak at the panel. Events

Our event concept is centred around "Connect & Collaborate," consisting of three major events. Each event is enhanced by dynamic and enjoyable speed networking sessions, which we believe adds a special and engaging element to our gatherings.

  • Workshops: Which has 3 versions, mini workshops (1 free), full workshops (2 hours and Paid), and exclusive workshops for teams or corporates (Minimum 3 hours and customizable and Paid)

  • Pitch events: Pitch-your-Collab! Free to join pitch event concept for discovering new companies and collaboration opportunities worldwide. Pitching is exclusive to only our community members and workshop attendees, to become a member click here.

  • Panel discussion with industry leaders: A panel discussion with partnership development industry leaders is an exciting opportunity to learn from some of the top experts in the field. These industry leaders will share their knowledge and experiences, providing valuable insights into the world of partnership development.

List of Community Event     

Workshops Monthly Stats In any given month and growing month to month 20 Countries Coverage 150 New Collaborators and partners 300 New Collab opportunities were identified. 750 Collab Ideas Generated are joining the +3000 company network


12. Cohort-Based Partnership Accelerator Bootcamp

We successfully launched the World's First Partnership Development Bootcamp, presenting a challenging journey with rough hikes that aimed to test and strengthen participants, fostering a collaborative effort to gain some traction. We purposely said "some" because there wasn't a magic trick – it was all up to each person!

Picture the boot camp as a big buffet; everyone could choose whatever they wanted and put it into action. The whole program was made to make sure people used what they learned, pushing them to try new things. Surprisingly, even if someone didn't have a product or felt unprepared, it was okay – they didn't need a product to start gaining traction.

This wasn't just any Bootcamp; it consisted of four powerful stages: Discover, Build, Launch, and Grow. Each phase was strategically crafted to equip participants with the skills, insights, and tools necessary for success through strategic collaborations. The program unfolded as a groundbreaking journey, reshaping the way participants approached partnerships and growth.

Modules That Boost Collaborative Competencies:

  • Module #1: The Discovery - Discovery phase of yourself, your customers, and your potential partners.

  • Module #2: Build - Brainstorming collaboration ideas, systemizing partnerships by building partner programs, and visualizing for better conversion.

  • Module #3: Launch in the Partnership Bootcamp Session, hitting all the right notes!- Learning launch planning framework, content planning, expanding your partner database, and learning the collaborative way of outreach.

  • Module #4: Growth - Your program is all ready! It's time to Launch, Release content, Announce, Reach out and Expand.

Our first pilot cohort was entirely FREE of charge, attracting a global reach with attendees from 5 different countries. This presents a unique opportunity for cross-border networking and collaboration, ensuring a diverse and enriching experience for all participants.

Also a  hearty applause for the attendees - 

Our New Bootcamp Cohort is Open For Applications and Free of charge for all! (All the costs covered by another partner)

Step into the forefront of partnership development with as we extend an invitation to join our highly anticipated 2nd cohort of the Partnership Development Bootcamp.

Application deadline: 14 Feb, 2024 Bootcamp Start Date: 14 March, 2024 Apply here: - Program Type: Hybrid

The program features interactive sessions, hands-on workshops, and peer-driven learning, allowing you to translate knowledge into actionable strategies. You'll tackle challenging yet rewarding real-life tasks that push your limits and contribute to the generation of impactful programs and deals.

Benefits of this free program

  • Access to a range of free resources and materials:

    • Partnership-optimized pitch deck

    • Partnership guide handbook

    • Customizable templates

  • Opportunities of this free program:

    • Monetary incentive program

    • Opportunity to prospect

    • Potential to make deals, including product sales

    • Recognition

    • And many more additional benefits

What's next with our Bootcamp?

  • We receive demand from corporates to do inter-company employee collabor programs, we might start this type of career or workplace efficiency-focused program this year.

  • The youth career readiness version of it might launched this year.

Help us to spread the word!

Feel free to share, and invite people who may need it! To show we provide an incentivization program and feature you on our blog and social media to our appreciation to anyone who helps us!

Here is our post that you can repost:


13. Our own partner programs

We also offer unique partner programs that are well-designed for countless opportunities.

Program 1: Contribute & co-promote

[Hundres of small collabs like co-promotions, co-promote]

Contribute as the following list and we will shout out you and your company, services, and products.

  • Give testimonial

  • Write a blog post together with us

  • Join one of our insightful research

  • Startups, Enterprises, Experts, Agencies

Program 2: Affiliate / refer & get paid

[We distributed in 6-digit comisions] 

  • By referring us or reaching out to us, you are bringing a great deal to generate new partner and revenue opportunities for your prospects.

  • This comes automatically when you become a member, and are attached to ur product, so the more you use and collaborate with us, the more you generate marginal revenue.

  • Share this opportunity with your network, and get up to 30% for each referral so you can invest back in your business and your community.

Program 3: Barter & Get Lead

[We brought 7-digit deals] 

  • For Experts, Agencies, Consulting firms

  • You can utilize us as a door opener for lead generation for your own, and get referrals automatically, but there is even more for special for you, for the agencies!

  • You can get a higher chance to gain clients directly from us. We also will support you with consulting, resource allocation, networking, and many more, based on projects.

Program 4: Youth Fellowship Program

[We provide training to hundreds of youths] 

Fellowship community members: We are honored that we have been able to help youths to find Certainty in Uncertain Times since September 1st, 2020. During the period of over 3 years and 4 months, we have provided the Capsule Program, Career Development Trainings, scholarships, internships, and job opportunities to energetic youths with diverse backgrounds from different countries through fellowship programs. Now, there are a total of 155 members from 23 countries.

Opportunities Fellowship community provided: community is providing the following job/training programs. Applicants who were selected to join one of the following programs and successfully finished the programs became our community members.

  • 125 Capsule & Other Training Opportunities

  • 72 Internship Opportunities

  • 17 Job Opportunities

Out of 3160 applicants from 23 countries who applied to our Programs, over 100 applicants have been selected as our fellowship members. The members have the chance to join our exclusive programs, scholarships and other job opportunities. We have done 125 Capsule & other Training Opportunities, 72 Internship Opportunities, 17 Job Opportunities other series of webinars/mentoring /networking events by providing the following opportunities

In 2023, with the launch of Capsule Batch 5. Our fellowship was super happy to help 56 people apply to our program. After a tough selection process, we chose 30 finalists who did really well. Out of them, 13 successfully finished the program, and these accomplished individuals have now become valued members of our growing community, which currently stands at 155 strong, including members from previous batches.

In the upcoming year 2024, we're excited to help even more young people around the world and give them new chances to grow and succeed. The good things we've done before make us really happy, and we're eager to keep supporting individuals as they work towards success. We believe 2024 will be even better for and the Fellowship. - Erdinc Ekinci, Co-founder and CEO of, Inc.

Don't forget to follow us on social media for the latest updates on the opportunities we're creating for young people. We're looking forward to a fantastic year ahead!

Program 5 - Ambassadorship program 

As an ambassador, your primary role is to embody the spirit of [Your Company] and nurture our community. You will be the bridge between our platform and potential collaborators, engaging with individuals who can benefit from and contribute to our vibrant ecosystem. Through your connections, you will help us enhance the collaborative experience we offer, all while establishing yourself as a pivotal member of our team.

Growth with Us: A Pathway, Not Just a Position 

The Ambassador Program at [Your Company] isn't merely a title; it's a journey of growth and recognition. As you contribute to our community, we ensure that your successes are celebrated and rewarded. Your milestones are our shared triumphs, and we firmly believe in the power of collective effort.

How to Apply: 

Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill Out the Application Form

  2. Brief Interview

  3. Ambassador Training Program

  4. Start Engaging and Earning

Requirements to Become an Ambassador: 

Our ambassador program is open to passionate individuals from the USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Korea, and developing countries in Asia. If you're a youth with a flair for community building and connecting with like-minded individuals, you're exactly who we're looking for.

Benefits of Becoming an Ambassador: 

  1. Grow Your Network: Expand your reach and connect with a diverse group of individuals, influencers, and collaborators.

  2. Regular Side Gigs: Enjoy regular opportunities for additional income through special projects and collaborations.

  3. Compensation: We value your contributions. Earn compensation for your efforts and time invested in community engagement.

Roles and Responsibilities

As an Ambassador, you'll bridge the gap between our platform and potential collaborators, enhancing the collaborative experience within our community. Your role is pivotal, and you'll establish yourself as a key member of our team. Embark on this exciting journey, and together, let's shape the future of community engagement and collaboration


Special thanks to our lovely team!

Huge credit and thanks to all our team members who are working diligently to make 2023 a wonderful year for This surely has become a colorful journey for all of us!

Messages from the Founders to our team members

Erdinc Ekinci - Co-Founder and CEO

"Every day I'm rushing to have a chance to work with our team! Because our team consists of youth with amazing capabilities that make us much more energized and move our organization further better with fresh ideas and new perspectives! Since I'm surrounded by hundreds of startups, corporates, and venture supporters, they sometimes wonder and ask me "How are you able to do this many things? And I proudly showcase our such a young team, and say "This is my not-so-secret power" every time they are astonished! I am proud of everyone and I believe they have an amazing future! "

Yuli Shein - Co-Founder and COO

"At one of our social missions is to distribute opportunities, and provide education, exposure, and recognition to youths, especially in the southeast, also where I am from. We took this very seriously and were able to reach thousands of youth. Meanwhile, we were able to find great talent with those activities. This kind of opportunity didn't exist in our youth times. I would like to extend my wishes to all the other companies including startups to consider having a similar approach to grow their teams. We are here to help for this purpose also! And lastly, thank you team for your ambitious and creative work, it's a privilege for us to work with you all!"


New Year messages from our core team members

Hsu Yamin Pyae (HR - Operations)

“Kudos to our team for all accomplishments and incredible moments we shared together in 2023. Here's to a year of remarkable achievements and a future filled with even greater milestones ahead. Wishing you all nothing but happiness and success in 2024, Happy New Year!!” 

Nang Hnin Ei Ei Phyu (Marketing)

Thank you Openfor for making my 2023 a great year! Starting here at Openforco was a turning point in my life. I’ve explored many skills and grown both personally and professionally and was able to do great things with the help of I’m already excited for more miracles and milestones in 2024. Happy New Year!

- Christopher Lone Toe (Developer)

"Reflecting on 2023, I’m really proud of my growth at and grateful for an incredible year with the team. As we embark on 2024, I’m eager to contribute and reach to new heights together with my team. Wishing you all a prosperous and fulfilling New Year filled with boundless possibilities."

Looking forward 2024

Here are our plans and aspirations to achieve in 2024, we are open for collaborations to achieve together! Feel free to reach out to us if you would like to be part of it!

  1. Expanding on our collaborative mission: is on a mission to create more collaboration opportunities to grow startup ecosystems around the world! Our focus will be on creating and nurturing connections across diverse sectors, connecting startups with a broader network of mentors, investors, and innovators. We plan to leverage technology to bridge geographical gaps, offering tailored events, resources, and educational programs to facilitate effective and impactful partnerships. This expansion aims not only to increase the volume of collaborations but also to improve their quality, driving innovation and contributing to the robust growth of the worldwide entrepreneurial community.

  2. Enhancing Social Engagement - The OPEN for GOOD initiative: In 2024, we are amplifying our efforts towards social impact through the "OPEN for GOOD" campaign. This initiative is focused on creating more collaboration opportunities that directly contribute to our social objectives. These are closely aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we champion, specifically SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth, SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, and SDG 17 - Partnership for the Goals. Our commitment is to drive meaningful change and development in these critical areas through strategic partnerships and collaborative endeavors.

  3. Expanding our HUB partnerships across other innovation hubs: In 2024, aims to extend its network by forming strategic partnerships with other innovation hubs around the globe. These collaborations will not only enrich our resource pool but also provide our members with a more diverse range of opportunities. By connecting with these hubs, we plan to facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas, resources, and best practices, enhancing the overall value we deliver to our collaborative community.

  4. Community Building Effort: Our focus for the upcoming year is to strengthen our community-building efforts. We plan to engage more deeply with our existing members while also attracting new ones through targeted outreach and engagement activities. By hosting a variety of events, from networking meetups to educational workshops, we aim to create a nurturing environment that supports the growth and success of our community members.

  5. Expanding our reach through another platform such as Instagram: Recognizing the power of social media in today's digital world, we plan to expand our online presence, particularly on platforms like Instagram. This expansion will allow us to connect with a younger, more diverse audience, share our success stories more visually, and engage with our community in real time. Our Instagram presence will be a vibrant mix of inspirational content, success stories, industry insights, and live interactions.

  6. Being able to support startups by acquiring equity, for even longer partnerships. Thanks to our partner VC Lab!: Looking ahead,, in collaboration with our partner VC Lab, is excited to venture into equity partnerships with promising startups. This move will enable us to form deeper, more long-term relationships with these companies, providing them with not just guidance and resources but also a vested interest in their success. Through these equity partnerships, we aim to be more than just a collaborator; we want to be a part of their journey to success.

  7. External Collaborations: Embracing Opportunities Beyond Our Organization: In 2024, is committed to exploring and embracing external collaboration opportunities that extend beyond the immediate scope of our organization. We aim to join forces with a diverse array of businesses, non-profits, academic institutions, and government bodies to coin and contribute to collaborative projects. These external partnerships will not only broaden our impact but also allow us to bring a wealth of fresh perspectives, resources, and innovative approaches to our community. By actively seeking out and engaging in these external collaborations, we plan to create a more interconnected and dynamic ecosystem that benefits all parties involved.


New Year Message

Raise a toast to the possibilities that lie ahead. May this New Year bring you joy, fulfillment, and the courage to chase your dreams. Here's to creating, learning, growing, and achieving milestones beyond your imagination.

Thank you for being a part of the OpenForCo community. Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with endless opportunities and remarkable achievements.


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