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The Collaborative Approach Made Possible: Spotlighting Our Most Recent Collaborators

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

At, we've always believed in the transformative power of collaboration. Our recent LinkedIn announcement for our Bootcamp stands as a testament to this belief. Here's a look at why we took a collaborative approach, how it played out, and what's next for us.

Erdinc Ekinci & Yu Li Shein, Co-founders of and Co-Directors of Founder Institute Japan and Korea

A little context about our successful campaign

Recently we have announced our 4 weeks-long, short but impactful BootCamp on collaboration and partnerships development to help businesses get more traction in the form of more sales, increased organizational efficiencies, and build strategic initiatives to help them grow. See details:

And we did a quick simple collab campaign on LinkedIn that went viral! (for our scale:)

Why The Collaborative Approach?

In today's digital age, the importance of community cannot be overstated. We wanted to tap into this collective strength, so we built a collaborative component into our LinkedIn post. The idea was simple yet powerful: encourage and incentivize people to support us, and in return, we'd feature them in our next blog post. The balance of the ask and offer was crucial to the success of this campaign.

Behind-the-Scenes of the campaign

Contrary to what one might think, we spent minimal time on campaign planning. The focus was on the collaborative component of the LinkedIn post. While the collaboration aspect wasn't overtly noticeable, we reached out to a few individuals to kickstart the momentum.

10X reach with our collaborative growth methodology

The results were astounding. We received 42 reposts in just 2 days, leading to a tenfold increase in organic reach! According to everyone whose interest as seen publicly and also dozens of messages that we received, we realized that it's something that people are thirsty of! It's a proof that people need this. But we just get started. We will open up the floor and let everyone who joins us have an impact on this initiative for common growth.

Voices of our collaborators

We were astounded by the positive feedback. Here are some standout comments:

Daisuke Ito - Founder and CEO of Ad-Dice

"This will be a valuable opportunity to swiftly prepare for partner development and engage at a high level!"

- Daisuke Ito - Founder and CEO of Ad-Dice

Daisuke Ito - Founder and CEO of Ad-Dice

"Looks interesting. I know you both have succeeded at making many partnerships in Japan and also Korea too now!" - Tyson Batino - Founder and CEO - Scaling Your Company

Khatanbold Bat-Erdene - Co-founder and CEO of GerTech - OkusuriAI

"🚀 Congrats to Openfor on launching this golden opportunity for startups! A comprehensive boot camp to master collaboration and supercharge growth. 🤝" - Khatanbold Bat-Erdene - Co-founder and CEO of GerTech - OkusuriAI

Raghvendra Jain Ph.D. - Co-founder at Optimays Inc.

"This looks great! Thanks for providing opportunities to collaborate and build our network!" - Raghvendra Jain Ph.D. - Co-founder at Optimays Inc.

Ace Apolonio - CEO at Fusionate AI

"Absolutely thrilled about this! 🚀 Sounds like an opportunity not to be missed." - Ace Apolonio - CEO at Fusionate AI

Devin Overman - Founder - Banter English

"This looks like a really unique opportunity! Partnership development has become a new focus for my company, so I will definitely look into applying for the cohort!" - Devin Overman - Founder - Banter English

InGyn Nyi

"The fact that the first pilot cohort is FREE makes it even more exciting – kudos for making it accessible to aspiring entrepreneurs." - InGyn Nyi - Assistant Business Advisor at sme intellect

Openfor's 4-week boot camp will begin on August 22. (Erdinç Ekinci 🙋‍♂️ & Yu Li Shein) The deadline to register is August 20. I'm planning to attend! Takamichi Matsusako - CALENDAR Inc. - Founder / CEO / Habit Designer


What's Next with The Collaborative Approach?

We're committed to extending this spirit of collaboration across all our content. Our promise is simple: support us in spreading the word, and we'll feature you in our posts.

How Can You Collaborate? It's easy. Like, comment, repost, and advocate the power of collaborations with us across any platform, especially LinkedIn.

By doing so, you're not only helping spread a valuable message but also gaining visibility for yourself and your brand.

Featuring our collaborator who helped us recently

Here are supporters who help us to reach more people who Reacted, Reposted, Commented combined.

  1. Choong Wai(David) Fu (Founder incubating at 500 Startups)

  2. Takeshi Kawasaki (Founder & CEO at mirrorX)

  3. Takamichi Matsusako (Founder, CEO & Habit Designer at CALENDAR)

  4. kim yongho (Co-Founder & CEO at STRA)

  5. Neil Vincent M. (Marketing Director at Hitotsubashi ICS)

  6. Atul Jain (Co-Founder at Airfit Air Filters)

  7. Arkar Moe Htet (Communication Specialist at Crossworks Company)

  8. Takujiro Oto ( Founder & CEO of Drive Japan Inc.)

  9. Alex Dk Lee (Chief Executive Officer at DKMEDIINFO)

  10. Ion Ciurila (Founder at Center for Economic Development and Business Relations Romania Switzerland)

  11. Ahlam El ahmadi (Honorory Reporter at )

  12. Manas Kala, PhD (Assistan Professor at Osaka University)

  13. Daisuke Ito (Founder & CEO at ad-dice Co., Ltd.)

  14. Kenichiro Asai (Representative Director and President at 株式会社スターフェスタ)

  15. InGyn Nyi (Assistant Business Advisor at sme intellect)

  16. Uğur Kara (E-commerce / Retoucher at DeFacto Giyim)

  17. Wint Nandar Aung (Research Coordinator at Proximity Designs)

  18. Hideyuki Ito (Chairman of the Board at Specified Nonprofit Corporation Hitotomidori-no-tezukuri-kobo)

  19. Ace Apolonio (Co-Founder & CEO at Fusionate AI)

  20. Lingo Mii (AI-powered English pronunciation learning and teaching platform)

  21. Naoko Fujihira (Founder & CEO at Kachibin)

  22. Tyson Batino (Resident Mentor at 500 Global, Executive and Management Coach at Scaling Your Company)

  23. Einstein Rojas, MSc, CIP (Innovation & Foresight Venture Architect and Engagement Manager at Embiggen)

  24. Hyukjin Kwon (Co-Founder & CEO at Hallowa)

  25. Agotola Tina (Administrator | Entrepreneur | Virtual assistant)

Here are supporters who help us to reach more people by reacting

We're immensely grateful to everyone who collaborated with us. Your support has been instrumental, and we look forward to new ventures with you all!

In Conclusion:

Our recent experience with the bootcamp announcement on LinkedIn has truly highlighted the value of collaboration. A big thank you to everyone who supported and shared our message. Your engagement made a difference and played a significant role in our success.

As we continue our journey, we're keen on nurturing this spirit of collaboration. We appreciate the community's support and look forward to more opportunities to work together. To all who have been part of this, thank you for your trust and partnership.

Here's to future collaborations and shared successes. 🎉

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