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For Enterprise

Combining our enterprise-level grit offerings and the opportunity to get an equity position from the hot deals, with the same pricing point.

Get PED Service

Partnership Ecosystem Development service, includes corporate training, program design and management, platform integration, marketing, relationship management, outreach, and many more

Run a program

Sponsor and provide our incubator program to your partners or startups to grow them so they can grow together. The incubator program is for smaller firms or startups and it's a more streamlined, scalable, and affordable version of the service that you are getting as an enterprise package. 

Get Ownership 

We have options to get a negotiable portion (up to %50) of your fees directly invested into our upcoming investment fund where we invest the best-performing startups in our incubator. So while gaining market share, increasing your revenues, support your partners or startups, you are also getting a portion from their future upside!

Plans / Packages




* TAX is not included in prices

Attend + PDM

High touch incubator with monthly session for handson support/ Appear as a exclusive partner, full access, shared resouces,  dedicated PDM, full partner launch, full reporting, get a full blog post, monthly posts, collabs, and many more. 

Sponsor / Fellow


Annually Budget

* TAX is not included in prices

+ Give & Get support

Cover the cost of a number of startup or partner attendees, and unlock all the benefits and funding opportunities provided by us so they can grow, and you can grow more. All are branded as your company. Meanwhile, get the same equivalent of PDM and ecosystem building service + opportunity to become investor in our fund to get an ownership stake.

Run a Program


Annually Budget

* TAX is not included in prices

+ Fully custom program

A fully customizable mixture of our offerings, such as Ecosystem Partnerships Development, department formation support, hiring - onboarding - training support, internal attendence of our incubator, sponsoring and providing fellowship to a larger number (larger=more complex) of startups or to your sellected partners with full branding with your corporation, combined with a contribution to our investment fund. All come with seamless integration into our operation flow. 

A ton of happy network
members across the globe 🧿

Searchers-side including: Sumitomo, Honda, Toshiba, NTT, and 2000+ Mid-Large enterprises to startup worldwide

Receiver-side including: Alphabet, Amazon, Meta Platforms, Microsoft, Apple, Applied Materials, and 300+ startups and enterprises

Seeker's & targeted locations including: Japan, USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, India, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea

Industries including: IoT, AI, SaaS, Robotics, Computer Vision, Biotech, Fintech, Manufacturing, MarCom, Media, Telecom








Of the members large businesess

Some numbers

8 Figures

Partnership deal success organically

7 Figures

Saved from un efficient partnerships

6 Figures

Referal fees distributed!

Did you know? 🤔

  1. “More than 28% of your total revenue can come from partnership channels

  2. Companies with the most mature partnership programs are growing overall company revenue nearly 2x as fast as companies than less mature programs” by Forrester consulting.

  3. “76% of partnership development managers of 454 companies agree the partnership channel is a key to delivering on our company’s revenue goals” by Forrester consulting.

  4. “49% of the corporate leaders are planning to get their businesses involved in some type of business collaboration” by PWC’s annual survey in 2018

Our pledge to support amazing
businesses from all around the world

Image by Surface

Lowest cost to entry to reach amazing businesses in any size and stage

We set the barrier to entry extremely low, so we focus on the performance.  “More than 28% of your total revenue can come from partnership channels. It means, even just setting up a partner program means %28 more REVENUE!

Get 2x faster revenue growth potential by a more mature partnership program

Companies with the most mature partnership programs are growing overall company revenue nearly 2x as fast as companies with less mature programs” by Forrester consulting.

Extract more collabs from your network while generating new revenue

How efficient your partnerships are? Are they any connection that has the potential to establish a collaboration? We generate more revenue from your existing network with our templated collab frameworks. 

You can start getting 10 to 20% revenue share from us immediately.

Get up to %20 revenue share while gaining more partners if you would like to.
Partnering with us has even more benefits, for learning more visit our partner page.

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