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Featuring Startup Ecosystem Supporters Event - Tokyo - Wrap-up

Updated: Jan 22

All right, considering we planned, arranged, and announced the event in just 4 days, and considering initially it all booked out around 6 hours, it seems like something significant going on here! Oh, by the way, the selfie you are seeing is the first floor, there is also the second floor of this! And lastly, considering everything was short notice, you are just seeing the tip of the iceberg of our network in Tokyo only. All thanks to the collaborative effort! In this blog post, we will share a little retrospective, why things fold this quickly, and show you how you can do it too!

At, we've always believed in the transformative power of collaboration. Our recent dynamic event 'Ecosystem Get Together' event partnering with Founder Institute Japan, Brampton City Innovation District, Shibuya Startup SUpport, Startup Lunch Club, and Startup Co-Creation Community, is a testament to this belief. Here's a look at why we took a collaborative approach, how it played out, and what's next for us.

Here are some moments from the event

Shout Out to Our Partners

With around 200 attendees, the energy was electrifying and the networking vibes were off the charts. 🌟 A massive thank you to our co-hosts and partners;, City of Brampton, Shibuya Startup Support, Tokyo Startup Lunchclub, and Startup Co-Creation (SCC), for making this dynamic gathering possible! The venue, Shibuya Startup Support, provided the perfect backdrop for our New Year celebration, and the free-flowing drinks added a festive touch. 🍻 The event was a fantastic opportunity for startup enthusiasts to connect, exchange ideas, and soak in the vibrant startup atmosphere. Special shoutout to our incredible speakers Ilya KulyatinFrancisco Dalla Rosa Soares, Noriaki Suzuki, and Kenneth Jeng who shared their insights, adding value to the event. 🎙️

What is [Organizer, co-sponsor] is a global partnership development platform that helps startups get traction, with sales and partnerships. Provides a global platform with complete support that includes a tool to build partner programs easily, a boot camp to learn how to utilize partnerships, a promotion program to give you a necessary boost, and an incentivization program that fuels you to reach out to your potential partners and build and maintain a partner ecosystem.

What is FI? [ Co-organizer, Co-marketing Partner]

Founder Institute Japan ( The Founder Institute is the world’s most proven network to turn ideas into fundable startups, and startups into global businesses. Since 2009, our structured accelerator programs have helped over 6,500 entrepreneurs raise over $1.75BN in funding. Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 95 countries, our mission is to empower communities of talented and motivated people to build impactful technology companies worldwide.

What is the Brampton Innovation District? [Main Sponsoring Partner]

City of Brampton ( As one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, Brampton is home to nearly 700,000 people and 75,000 businesses.   People are at the heart of everything we do. We are energized by our diverse communities, representing people from more than 250 cultures speaking more than 170 languages.  

We attract investment, and we are embarking on a journey to lead technological and environmental innovation.   We partner for progress to build a healthy city that is safe, sustainable, and successful.

What is Shibuya startup support? [Venue Partner]

Shibuya Startup Support ( Shibuya Startup Support is an initiative by Tokyo Shibuya City Office to support global founders and startups to start and grow their businesses.


What is Startup Lunch Club? [Co-organizer]

Tokyo Startup Lunchclub ( We are a group of startup founders, investors and other people related to or interested in the startup scene, who gather weekly every Tuesday at the Tokyo International Forum, starting from 11:30 AM to have lunch and share our experiences and discuss various topics in a casual environment.

What is the Co-Creation Community? [Co-organizer]

Startup Co-Creation ( is a community for entrepreneurs & aspiring entrepreneurs in Japan. We host curated events that result in real-world social connections between our innovators.


Our new initiative: Featuring Startup Ecosystem supporters!

No more silos, it's time to remove that walls and collab!

Our aim is to bring people together, help them connect, and encourage them to collaborate, to support their startup ecosystem. And it's not for startups only, it's also for small and medium-sized businesses too! Because startups and SMBs are the backbone of our economies, many products and services come through them, we put startups a bit differently, because they are the ones who dare the most to innovate, and create new technologies, techniques, and business models.


Some Backstage - Pure Startup Spirit!

We only had four days to get everything ready because of our packed schedules and coordinating with the venue, sponsors, and our partners. Plus, we had to make sure everything fit in with the schedules of our guests flying in from abroad. Talk about a last-minute rush – we even had to dash out to grab drinks and pizzas at the last minute! When we all pull together with great intentions and clear communication, it really makes things feel genuine. The event turned out to be way more fun and friendly than your typical "corporate" gatherings. We believe that a too-formal "sterile" approach can sometimes suck the joy out of these experiences. And here's a shout-out to our amazing volunteers who teamed up with Erdinc for a quick supermarket run to make this happen! 🍕🥤🛒

Special thanks to Choong Wai(David) Fu and Ozgur Adiyaman for your help!


Here is a public testimony that

proves the Authenticity of the event
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending's Startup Networking Event in Shibuya, Japan. I was struck by the similarities between Tokyo's vibrant startup scene and Boston's thriving startup community.
In contrast to the more formal atmosphere often found at executive panels or speaking events, where individuals from larger organizations gather, the energy at these startup events is markedly different. Here, people are more open and curious, eager to engage in conversations about and beyond business matters. It's a refreshingly authentic experience.
This stark difference in atmosphere is particularly evident when compared to my experiences at events catering to larger organizations. At these events, participants often seem hesitant to reveal their true selves, focusing instead on demonstrating their intelligence or achievements. The conversation tends to stay within the realm of business, with little room for personal or non-business related discussions.
Personally, I find myself drawn more towards startups than enterprise companies outside of work. Attending events like this one allows me to broaden my perspectives by meeting individuals from a wide range of backgrounds - from tech lawyers and fintech experts to former voice actors and professors. So regardless of where you work, I highly recommend attending events like these; It's a truly enriching experience.

Joe helps businesses grow their product market share through product discovery, strategy workshops, and effective program management he is a former founder of UX agency - Joe Baz Linkedin

Thank you so much Joe for this wonderful gift!


Why the collaborative approach?

Why are we so into collabs? 😅 Simply put, they're an amazing shortcut to creativity and innovation. When we collaborate, we combine our unique skills, perspectives, and resources, leading to more innovative and effective solutions than we could achieve alone. Collaborations keep our work closely aligned with what people genuinely need, thanks to the diverse feedback we receive.

The real game-changer? Continuously providing value – sharing knowledge, solving problems, and going the extra mile – without immediately expecting anything in return. This approach builds trust and positions us as leaders in our field. Ultimately, it attracts clients to us, drawn by the undeniable value we provide.

We create a complete platform for this, a simple sofware tool combines with training, promo, incentivization plan that helps you to build partnerships.-


Your turn 💁‍♂️

You can support your local startup ecosystem easily, and get many benefits at the same time with us for free!

Help us to spread the word of this

♥️ Comment or re-post to get featured on the collective after-event blog post by the partner that we feature for those who support this! This small but important contribution will help us reach everyone who can benefit!  🤝


Our top collaborators who engage by reacting, commenting, and reposting

At, we're passionate about collaboration, and your enthusiasm at our recent event was a perfect embodiment of this spirit. Each participant brought unique energy, making the event a dynamic hub of ideas and connections, especially inspiring to see individuals from diverse backgrounds unite over startups and partnerships. We deeply appreciate your contributions, from insightful conversations to shared experiences, which added immense value. Your involvement reinforces our commitment to fostering a community where collaboration thrives, highlighting the strength of collective efforts.

On the stage

Featuring our collaborator who participated in our recent event

Thank you for being a key driver of collaborative innovation at Your involvement stands as a testament to the power of collective efforts, inspiring us and others to join our mission. We believe in a future where startups thrive through collaboration, transcending borders, and breaking barriers. Together, let's continue this journey, fostering a community that propels startups towards global success, embracing a future where collaboration knows no bounds.


What's Next with The Collaborative Approach?

We're committed to extending this spirit of collaboration across all our content. Our promise is simple: support us in spreading the word, and we'll feature you in our posts.

How Can You Collaborate? It's easy. Like, comment, repost, and advocate the power of collaborations with us across any platform, especially LinkedIn.

By doing so, you're not only helping spread a valuable message but also gaining visibility for yourself and your brand. 🎉



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