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Announcing the New Cohort of Partnership Accelerator Bootcamp!

Updated: Feb 5

Exciting news! Our upcoming Cohort Bootcamp is now FREE, all thanks to our incredible partner:!

But that's not all, completing this program not only comes with a wealth of knowledge but also amazing perks:

Monetary Incentive Program: Get rewarded for your dedication.

Prospecting Opportunities: Unlock the potential for new ventures.

Deal-Making Chance: If you have a product, this is your sales opportunity.

Recognition: Stand out and be acknowledged for your achievements.

And that's just the beginning! Join now for a transformative experience and endless possibilities. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to level up your startup journey. Apply today! 👉 Click here to Apply 👈

Get ready for a transformative journey! Whether it's your startup, career, or client ventures, traction is the name of the game. A lively business attracts attention, right? Picture this: people lining up at your door, eager to be part of your success story. That's where we come in, offering friendly support, a vibrant community, and a proven methodology for gaining traction and unlocking additional revenue!🚀

Our secret? It's not really a secret. We've built our entire company around it – collaborations and partnerships. Strategic yet practical, it's the key to turning challenges into opportunities. Yes, it's a bit challenging, but isn't that what makes a business attractive and prosperous?

You will learn and implement best practices to expand your network, connect and collaborate with your prospects.

It's a challenging yet rewarding journey designed to make you better, stronger, and yes, to get some traction. Notice we said "some" – there's no magic wand here; it's up to you! This boot camp is like an open buffet – everything you need is there; you just have to grab it and put it into action.

What is BTW? 🤔, inc, is a “Global Partnerships and Collaborations Development Platform” originated in Silicon Valley that provides an online platform and bootcamps for learning, building, launching, and growing with partner programs.

We help not only larger enterprises but also startups and even SMBs to take advantage of partnerships and collaborations for validation, getting traction, increasing revenues, funding, and many more. We provide a boot camp to partnering training, an online partner program builder tool, a launch pad for promotion, and an incentivization program that funds your partnership development activities to enable ROI  from collaborations!

We have an estimated multiple 9 figures impact on our members even though we just started 4 years ago by fully bootstrapping!

As continued to evolve, it set its sights on becoming a "Collab Launch-pad & Accelerator". This transition is not just upgrades in services or offerings but represents a deepening of's commitment to fostering partnerships. 🧩

TLDR: So we are a "Partner builder SaaS tool bundled with a accelerator Bootcamp" :)

Did you join our launch event to collaborate with our partners Founder Institute and many others?

At, collaboration is at the core of everything we do. From daily operations to activities and beyond, partnerships with other businesses drive our success and innovation.

With around 200 attendees and electrified energy, we officially launched our 'New Cohort Partnership Development Bootcamp' on Jan 15th. 🌟 A massive thank you to our co-hosts and partners;, City of Brampton, Shibuya Startup Support, Tokyo Startup Lunchclub, and Startup Co-Creation (SCC), for making this dynamic gathering possible!

Our New Cohort Partnership Development Bootcamp is here, and it's designed to take your startup journey to new heights through the art of collaboration. Join us as we delve into the details of this transformative program that's poised to redefine the way startups approach partnerships and growth.


A Comprehensive 4-Week Journey to Partnership Success

Brace yourself for the World's First Partnership Development Bootcamp, a transformative experience where you'll gain a deep understanding of how strategic partnerships can propel your traction to soaring heights!

This isn't just any Bootcamp; it's a powerful four-stage Discover, Build, Launch, and Grow. Each phase is strategically crafted to provide you with the skills, insights, and tools required to achieve traction through strategic collaborations.

  • Module 1, Discover: Discovery phase of yourself, your customers, and your potential partners.

  • Module 2, Build: Brainstorming collaboration ideas, systemizing partnerships by building partner programs, and visualizing for better conversion

  • Module 3, Launch: Learning launch planning framework, content planning, expanding your partner database, and learning the collaborative way of outreach.

  • Module 4, Grow: Your program is all ready! It's time to Launch, Release content, Announce, Reach out and Expand...

⚠️The Early application deadline is February 14th! ⚠️

📌 The Program is starting on March 14th! 📌

🎁 Absolutely FREE! (Normally $3K) 🎁

What will be included in the Bootcamp?

  • Office Hours: Office Hours: One-on-one sessions with mentors and experts to address your specific questions and challenges in partner program development.

  • Engaging Sessions: Dive into interactive sessions led by industry experts. Learn the intricacies of partnership strategies, build your network, and gain practical insights to drive your startup forward.

  • Hands-On Workshops: Roll up your sleeves and engage in hands-on workshops. Gain practical experience in building and nurturing partnerships that have the potential to catapult your startup's growth.

  • Pitch practice: You will practice and improve your partnerships pitch with your working groups and record videos regularly to improve yourself wiht our feedbacks.

  • Networking: Within and beyong the your cohort, you can networking and you can join networking events that annoually thousands of business people join every year.

  • Preset collabs: You will get the opportunity to collaborate with us to cohort an event, and write a blog post together.

  • Peer Learning: Join forces with a dynamic peer group of like-minded entrepreneurs. Exchange ideas, share experiences, and collaborate on real-world challenges.

  • Actionable Tasks/Deliverables: Put your learning into action with tailored tasks designed to reinforce your understanding. Apply newly acquired knowledge to your startup's partnership initiatives.


Here is the full curriculum:

#1 Discover > #2 Build > #3 Launch > #4 Grow

Module #1: Discover The discovery phase of yourself, your customers, and your potential partners

  1. We'll kickstart the bootcamp by defining partnerships and collaborations. (30-minutes presentation)

  2. Quickly assess ourselves, target customers, and potential partners, (15-minutes workshop)

  3. Initiate the ideation session on partner types, collab ideas, and potential partners sheet as a transition topic to the module, to start building a partner program. (15-minutes workshop)

  4. Start building your potential partner database (10 minutes)

  5. Practicing your 1-minute partnership pitch altogether and getting feedback from the moderators. (55-minutes)

  6. We'll then finalize with a quick introduction of the assignments and additional learning materials to prepare for the next module. (5-minutes)

  7. Optional networking (Up to 1 hour)

Module #2: Build Brainstorming collaboration ideas, systemizing partnerships by building partner programs, and visualizing for better conversion

  1. The second module starts with a flash recap of the last week. (5-minutes)

  2. Presentation on brainstorming collaboration ideas, systemizing partnerships by building partner programs, and learning how to visualize for better conversion. (15-minutes)

  3. Continue re-iterating the ideation session from the last module on partner types, collab ideas, and potential partners sheet. (10 minutes workshop)

  4. Building/developing a partner program on our dashboard. (30 minutes worshop)

  5. Practicing your 1-minute partnership pitch altogether and getting feedback from the moderators. (55-minutes)

  6. A quick introduction of the assignments and additional learning materials to prepare for the next module. (5-minutes)

  7. Optional networking. (Up to 1 hour)

Module #3: Launch Learning launch planning framework, content planning, expanding your partner database, and learning the collaborative way of outreach.

  1. A flash recap of the last week's module. (5-minutes)

  2. Presentation on learning launch planning framework, content planning, expanding your partner database, and learning the collaborative way of outreach. (25-minutes)

  3. Advancing your partner program with visual storytelling and updating or dashboard. (20 minutes workshop)

  4. Expanding and refining your potential partner list. (10-minute workshop)

  5. Practicing your 1-minute partnership pitch with slides altogether and getting feedback from the moderators. (55-minutes)

  6. A quick introduction of the assignments and additional learning materials to prepare for the next module. (5-minutes)

  7. Optional networking. (Up to 1 hour)

Module #4: Grow Your program is all ready! It's time to launch, release content, announce, reach out, and expand...

  1. Rewinding the entire last 3 weeks as a re-cap for wrapping up (10-minutes)

  2. Presentation on activating launch plan, release contents, social media announcements, advanced collaborative outreach tips, conversion strategies, negotiation basics, asking introductions, and incubation basics (30-minutes)

  3. Realizing contents, and announcing your program (15-minutes workshop)

  4. Start reaching all of your target partner databases (15-minutes workshop)

  5. Refining your 1-minute partnership pitch with slides altogether and getting feedback from the moderators by replaying your video (55-minutes)

  6. A quick introduction of the assignments and additional learning materials to prepare for the next module (5-minutes)

  7. Optional networking (Up to 1 hour)


Materials that you will get

  1. Pitch deck: A template of meticulously crafted presentations tailored for making partnership deals. This deck will guide you on how to effectively showcase your value proposition, highlight synergies, and present collaboration opportunities to potential partners.

  2. Partnership Guide Handbook: A comprehensive guide detailing the intricacies of forming, maintaining, and optimizing partnerships.

  3. Templates: Ready-to-use templates for partnership agreements, outreach emails, and collaboration proposals.

  4. Network: Connect, network, and collaborate on our platform based on your interests and preferences with your own effort. We empower participants to build their collaborative communities and foster meaningful connections.

  5. One-minute video: We start the BootCamp by building your partnership thesis, pitch in one minute, practice many times, receive feedback, and finally, we show you how to make an attractive video out of it in the last module.

  6. Live session and receive recorded session: Recorded sessions with industry experts discussing the nuances of strategic collaborations. (Workshops are not recorded for your privacy)

  7. Step-by-step tasks: Todos with step-by-step instructions to help attendees apply what they've learned and ensure they're on the right track.

  8. Checklists: Step-by-step guides for tasks like partnership outreach, agreement drafting, and collaboration execution.

  9. ChatGPT prompt book on business development and sales: A collection of prompts and responses tailored for business development and sales scenarios, leveraging the power of ChatGPT to enhance your outreach and negotiation skills.

  10. Software Recommendations: A list of recommended tools and software for managing and optimizing partnerships, from CRM systems to collaboration platforms.

  11. Resource Directory: A list of resources, including books, articles, and online courses, on partnerships and collaborations, to deepen your understanding and stay updated on industry trends.

  12. Bootcamp Networking Directory: A curated list of attendees and their expertise, to facilitate post-bootcamp networking and collaboration, ensuring you have a strong community to lean on as you embark on your partnership journey.


Here are a few opportunities for collaboration within and beyond the cohort!

  1. Joint Venture Initiatives: Collaboratively launching a new product or service that combines the strengths of both partners.

  2. Co-Marketing Campaigns: Joint marketing campaigns to promote both partners' offerings.

  3. Product Integrations: Integrating one partner's product or service into the other's platform or offering.

  4. Event Collaborations: Organizing joint events, webinars, or workshops to educate or promote to a shared audience.

  5. Content Collaborations: Jointly creating content such as blog posts, videos, or podcasts that benefit both partners.

  6. Research & Development: Collaborating on R&D projects to innovate and create new solutions.

  7. Community Building: Jointly building or nurturing a community or forum around a shared interest or goal.

  8. Training & Education: Offering joint training sessions or courses, leveraging the expertise of both partners.

  9. Feedback Loops: Setting up systems where both partners provide feedback on each other's products or services for continuous improvement.

  10. Charity Initiatives: Collaborating on charitable projects or initiatives that align with both partners' corporate social responsibility goals.


This incredible opportunity is made possible by our outstanding partner, 'Interesting Engineering'. This partnership not only demonstrates their dedication to supporting startups but also underscores our joint commitment to fostering growth and collaboration in the dynamic startup ecosystem.

Interesting Engineering is a science and engineering focused news publisher. They use innovative storytelling to highlight the inner workings of the latest scientific breakthroughs, technological innovations, and more.

Engineering is more than machinery and code. It’s intricate mechanisms that, when perfectly assembled, come together to create something astounding. Over ten years ago, Interesting Engineering was founded to help readers uncover these finely woven systems — to help them better understand what makes things tick. 

Their mission was to use innovative storytelling to highlight the enthralling inner workings of the latest scientific breakthroughs, technological innovations, cultural phenomena, and more. 

🚀 With 11 million monthly visitors and 17 million page views, they redefine news and bring the cool factor to science! 🌐 Immerse yourself in their videos with a staggering 300 million monthly views. 🎥

They're a social media sensation with:

  • 13M on Facebook

  • 2.1M on Instagram

  •  2M on LinkedIn

  • 230K on Twitter

  • 700K on YouTube

We're not just about talking the talk; we're committed to taking startups to new heights, and this bootcamp is our concrete step in that direction.


Support us!

While we are offering this transformative bootcamp without any charges, yet, we also believe in the strength of community and mutual support. As you gain invaluable insights and skills, we invite you to contribute back to our collaborative ecosystem:

  1. Social Media Advocacy: Share your experiences, learnings, and testimonials on your social media platforms. This not only helps us reach a wider audience but also validates the effectiveness of our program.

  2. Referrals: If you find value in our bootcamp, refer us to your network. Word of mouth is the most authentic form of endorsement.

  3. Feedback: As this is our pilot cohort, your feedback is invaluable. Help us refine and improve by providing honest feedback at the end of the program.

  4. Collaborate with Us: We are all about partnerships. If you see any avenues where we can collaborate beyond the bootcamp, we are all ears.

  5. Engage in Post-Bootcamp Activities: Attend our webinars, workshops, and networking events. Your continued engagement helps in building a strong community.


We have a collaboration call for you!

  • Ask: Simply support us on your social media

    • Even though you won't apply, you can refer someone.

    • Repost with a comment.

    • Any types of excitement publicly about us.

<<< in exchange of >>>

  • Offer: Get features on our blog and social media by tagging you and your company!

    • You will get featured in our blog and LinkedIn profile, We have around 30,000 impressions monthly on social media, and this does not even include a chance of getting featured by one of our partners who global reach of around 1 million business people!

Together, let's create a dynamic partnership ecosystem where everyone's success is intertwined!



We were astounded by the positive feedback. Here are some standout comments:

"Exciting for this boot camp and the potential is huge for many founders and future partners! All the best to  Erdinç Ekinci 🙋‍♂️ and all your team;, Inc."

- Pablo (Andres) Riveros - Founder of Marabu Dev - Startup Mentor at Founder Institute Korea

"Partnerships and collaborations are increasingly relevant in modern business, and they are the bloodstream of all startups and entrepreneurs. Excited to see what comes next."

- Arkar Moe Htet - Communications Specialist at Crossworks Company

"This will be a valuable opportunity to rapidly prepare for partner development and engage at a high level!" 

- Daisuke Ito - Founder and CEO of Ad-Dice

"Looks interesting. I know you both have succeeded at making many partnerships in Japan and also Korea too now!" 

- Tyson Batino - Founder and CEO at Scaling Your Company 

"🚀 Congrats to Openfor on launching this golden opportunity for startups! A comprehensive bootcamp to master collaboration and supercharge growth. 🤝" 

- Khatanbold Bat-Erdene - Co-founder and CEO at GerTech - OkusuriAI 

"This looks great! Thanks for providing opportunities to collaborate and build our network!"

"Absolutely thrilled about this! 🚀 Sounds like an opportunity not to be missed."  

- Ace Apolonio - CEO at Fusionate AI 

"This looks like a really unique opportunity! Partnership development has become a new focus for my company, so I will definitely look into applying for the cohort!" 

"The fact that the first pilot cohort is FREE makes it even more exciting – Kudos for making it accessible to aspiring entrepreneurs." 

- InGyn Nyi - Assistant Business Advisor at SME intellect 


Testimonies about

“As a graduate of the first cohort, I have to say that it was quite helpful. Whether you're just starting out or already have experience with partnerships and collaborations, the, Inc. team teaches how to make good collaborations. It is also another opportunity to network with quality entrepreneurs and give and receive feedback on each other's businesses.”

"The diversity of the international cohort at is one of its standout features. Gaining momentum for our startup has been vital. Their approach has allowed us to delve into the intricacies of partnership dynamics, and provides resources, including online tools and a specialized academy, making it a valuable platform for growth and collaboration. This will be essential as we venture into an international collaboration of innovation and startup ecosystem building.”

Achieving the first wave of traction is a game-changer for startups. With, I've grasped the significance of harnessing partnerships. The resources they provide, from a collaborator academy to a unique incentivization model, and the online platform are noteworthy.

Naoko Fujihira, Kachibin Co.Ltd

Our partnership with brings a new perspective and highlights that even start-ups can grow through strategic partnerships. Insights and guidance from Erdinc, Yuli, and their dedicated team guided us towards an ideal collaboration for market validation and traction. They generously shared their precious time and passion with us. Also, the tools combined with training are essential and highly recommended.

Featuring our collaborator who helped us recently

Here are supporters who help us to reach more people by reposting


Our sessions are fruitful and fun at the same time!

Here are some interesting insights from the waiting list

  • Attendy profiles: Pre-seed to growth stage startups to people from the enterprise world to VCs. Yes, we know you can't find something take to attract people the same classroom. You know we are here to amplify collaboration between those who are supposed to collaborate!

  • Global attendees: Our bootcamp truly has a global reach, with attendees hailing from 5 different countries. This diverse representation not only showcases the universal appeal of our event but also offers a unique opportunity for cross-border networking and collaboration.

  • Diversity: Our bootcamp is a tapestry of diverse backgrounds, ages, genders, and races. We take pride in curating an environment where young innovators can learn from seasoned professionals, where voices from different genders and backgrounds resonate with equal importance, and where racial diversity is celebrated as a strength. This rich blend of perspectives ensures a holistic approach to problem-solving and innovation, making our gathering not just a bootcamp, but a celebration of global unity and inclusivity.

The application deadline is February 14th!

Don't Miss Out on This Transformative Opportunity!

Ready to embark on a collaboration-fueled journey towards traction? Secure your spot now for the inaugural Partnership Development Bootcamp. Dive into a realm of extensive collaboration possibilities. Act fast! Applications close on February 14th, and the transformative journey kicks off on March 14th. Mark your calendars and get set to elevate your trajectory! 👉 🚀


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions to us about coming to Bootcamp.

What is the purpose of the Bootcamp?

  • The Bootcamp aims to provide startups with intensive training, mentorship, and networking opportunities to accelerate their growth and enhance their strategic partnership capabilities.

Is the Bootcamp suitable for all stages of startups?

Is it only for startups?

How do I apply for the Bootcamp?

Is there a cost to participate in the Bootcamp?

Can I join the Bootcamp remotely?

How can partnerships be developed through the Bootcamp?

Can I participate if I don't have a fully developed business idea?

What should I expect from the virtual showcase or Demo day?


For any further questions or inquiries, 👉don't hesitate to drop us a direct message through our official page! 📩 We're here to help!

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