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Announcing Our Fellowship Program: Unlock Free Access to Our Collaborator Bootcamp and Monitize!

We're thrilled to unveil our revamped Collaborator Bootcamp Fellowship Program, tailored to provide either discounted or entirely free access to our groundbreaking Bootcamp and year-long premium offerings. And that's not all—participants will also have the opportunity to earn commission-based rewards in a professional capacity.

Who Can Apply?

This program is open to solopreneurs, consultants, pre-seed and seed-stage startup founders, and career-seeking individuals who are committed to collaboration and wish to engage with us throughout the program and beyond.

What's Included Collaborator Bootcamp Fellowship Program?

  • Discounted or Free Entry to Bootcamp: Experience our transformative Bootcamp at a reduced cost or even for free.

  • Year-Long Premium Offerings: Benefit from our premium services for an entire year, at no additional cost.

  • Professional Commission-Based Rewards: Elevate your professional journey by earning through our unique commission-based reward system.

How to Get Selected

To be considered for the fellowship, you'll need to fill out a fellowship intent form and provide a compelling reason for your application. Additionally, we have a set of pre-curriculum activities that are beneficial for you, whether you get selected or not. Completion of these activities, including deliverables, is mandatory, and you'll need to provide proof of completion.

Don't worry, these tasks are designed to be achievable; we want you to succeed! If you need assistance, our FAQs and blog posts are packed with resources to guide you. Even if you don't get selected, these exercises can validate your startup idea and help you gain traction.

Terms and Conditions

While our program typically doesn't have a dropout system, fellows are expected to fulfill certain deliverables and maintain a minimum attendance rate. Failure to meet these requirements—such as exceeding a 10% absence rate—may result in the termination of the fellowship.

Ready to Apply?

Stay tuned for our upcoming application process, which will be announced soon.

We're incredibly excited about this initiative and its potential to transform careers and businesses. If you share our passion for collaboration, we can't wait to hear from you!

Let's collaborate and build something extraordinary.



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