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Announcing the 1st Pilot Cohort of Openfor.Co Boot Camp! Applications are open...

Let's face it, you need traction for your startup, career, or for your client. Business endeavors are supposed to get traction. The opposite? It just doesn't make sense. Would you be investing in a sleepy business that has no positive future plans? You would be more interested in investing in a business if people are lining in front of the door, isn't it? So we hear you loud and clear, you want friendly help, a peer group, a community, and a well-crafted, proven methodology to follow to get traction and even get predictable additional revenue!

The answer is no secret, hence, we build an entire company based upon this... It's called collaborations and partnerships! Ideally strategic but practical ones. It's challenging tho, but isn't an attractive and prosperous business challenging also?

That's why we are launching our boot camp, a challenging journey with rough hikes that will challenge you but ensure you will get better and stronger, together to get some traction! Yes, we purposely say "some", because there is no magic stick, it's up to you! This boot camp is like an open buffet, you get anything you want, you just need to come and get it and put it into action. Everything is designed to put the learnings into action in this boot camp, so you better be ready to put yourself out there! But what if you have no product, or are not ready? No, you don't even need a product to get traction, so our boot camp!

All right with that being said, we are thrilled to announce our starting date and we are open for applications!

Leveraging the power of collabs!

In the ever-evolving landscape of startups, one undeniable truth remains - the right partnerships can be the catalyst for remarkable success. We're thrilled to introduce a game-changing opportunity that will equip startups with the skills, insights, and strategies to harness the potential of partnerships like never before.

Why partnerships to get traction?

In 2 major ways, strategical and tactical:

  • Strategic: Partnerships are crucial for business growth because they can contribute to more than 28% of a company's total revenue. By establishing strong collaborations, businesses can potentially double their revenue, tapping into new markets and leveraging shared resources.

  • Tactical: Collaborations play a significant role in business development and sales enhancement. The likelihood of success escalates when businesses tailor their sales offerings akin to partnership agreements. This approach proves effective not just at the point of sale closure but throughout the entire sales funnel. The efficiency of flywheel models is markedly improved when businesses adopt a collaborative sales methodology.

Why short notice?

We built this based on already existing demand from mostly startups in our network. And it's the first pilot cohort, we are opening fewer slots and a short application period. Luckily we are planning to do this every month!

What is BTW? 🤔

OpenFor.Co is a partnership development platform designed to help businesses collaborate and form strategic partnerships. It helps businesses to get traction, with a unique combination of...

  • a boot camp to learn how to utilize partnerships,

  • a tool to build & manage partner programs easily,

  • a launch pad to outreach to expand, and

  • an incentivization program to literally pay you to grow with partnerships.

Did you join our launch event?

Everything we do to run our company, openforco is with partnerships with some other businesses, every operation, every activity, and so on... So our launch event was a blast in collaboration with World's Largest and widely global pre-seed focus accelerator Founder Institute in a very prestigious location and building in Tokyo, Japan provided by another amazing and global event partner, Venture Cafe.

Our first-ever cohort-based partnership development Bootcamp is here, and it's designed to take your startup journey to new heights through the art of collaboration. Join us as we delve into the details of this transformative program that's poised to redefine the way startups approach partnerships and growth.

A Comprehensive 4-Week Journey to Partnership Success

Brace yourself for the World's First Partnership Development Bootcamp, a transformative experience where you'll gain a deep understanding of how strategic partnerships can propel your traction to soaring heights! This isn't just any Bootcamp; it's a powerful four-stage Discover, Build, Launch, and Grow. Each phase is strategically crafted to provide you with the skills, insights, and tools required to achieve traction through strategic collaborations.

  • Module 1, Discover: Discovery phase of yourself, your customers, and your potential partners.

  • Module 2, Build: Brainstorming collaboration ideas, systemizing partnerships by building partner programs, and visualizing for better conversion

  • Module 3, Launch: Learning launch planning framework, content planning, expanding your partner database, and learning the collaborative way of outreach.

  • Module 4, Grow: Your program is all ready! It's time to Launch, Release content, Announce, Reach out and Expand...

⚠️The application deadline is August 20th! ⚠️

What will be included in the Bootcamp?

  • Engaging Sessions: Dive into interactive sessions led by industry experts. Learn the intricacies of partnership strategies, build your network, and gain practical insights to drive your startup forward.

  • Hands-On Workshops: Roll up your sleeves and engage in hands-on workshops. Gain practical experience in building and nurturing partnerships that have the potential to catapult your startup's growth.

  • Peer Learning: Join forces with a dynamic peer group of like-minded entrepreneurs. Exchange ideas, share experiences, and collaborate on real-world challenges.

  • Actionable Tasks/Deliverables: Put your learning into action with tailored tasks designed to reinforce your understanding. Apply newly acquired knowledge to your startup's partnership initiatives.


Here is the full curriculum:

#1 Discover > #2 Build > #3 Launch > #4 Grow

Module #1: Discover (August 22) The discovery phase of yourself, your customers, and your potential partners

  1. We'll kickstart the boot camp by defining partnerships and collaborations. (30-minute presentation)

  2. Quickly assess ourselves, target customers, and potential partners, (15-minute workshop)

  3. Initiate the ideation session on partner types, collab ideas, and potential partners sheet as a transition topic to the module, to start building a partner program. (15-minute workshop)

  4. Start building your potential partner database (10 minutes)

  5. Practicing your 1-minute partnership pitch altogether and getting feedback from the moderators. (55-minutes)

  6. We'll then finalize with a quick introduction of the assignments and additional learning materials to prepare for the next module. (5-minutes)

  7. Optional networking (Up to 1 hour)

Module #2: Build (August 29) Brainstorming collaboration ideas, systemizing partnerships by building partner programs, and visualizing for better conversion

  1. The second module starts with a flash recap of the last week (5-minutes)

  2. Presentation on brainstorming collaboration ideas, systemizing partnerships by building partner programs, and learning how to visualize for better conversion (15-minutes)

  3. Continue re-iterating the ideation session from the last module on partner types, collab ideas, and potential partners sheet. (10 minutes workshop)

  4. Building/developing a partner program on our dashboard (30 minutes worshop)

  5. Practicing your 1-minute partnership pitch altogether and getting feedback from the moderators. (55-minutes)

  6. A quick introduction of the assignments and additional learning materials to prepare for the next module. (5-minutes)

  7. Optional networking (Up to 1 hour)

Module #3: Launch (September 5) Learning launch planning framework, content planning, expanding your partner database, and learning the collaborative way of outreach.

  1. A flash recap of the last week's module (5-minutes)

  2. Presentation on learning launch planning framework, content planning, expanding your partner database, and learning the collaborative way of outreach (25-minutes)

  3. Advancing your partner program with visual storytelling and updating or dashboard (20 minutes workshop)

  4. Expanding and refining your potential partner list (10-minute workshop)

  5. Practicing your 1-minute partnership pitch with slides altogether and getting feedback from the moderators. (55-minutes)

  6. A quick introduction of the assignments and additional learning materials to prepare for the next module. (5-minutes)

  7. Optional networking (Up to 1 hour)

Module #4: Grow (September 12) Your program is all ready! It's time to launch, release content, announce, reach out, and expand...

  1. Rewinding the entire last 3 weeks as a re-cap for wrapping up (10-minutes)

  2. Presentation on activating launch plan, release contents, social media announcements, advanced collaborative outreach tips, conversion strategies, negotiation basics, asking introductions, and incubation basics. (30-minutes)

  3. Realizing contents, and announcing your program (15-minute workshop)

  4. Start reaching all of your target partner databases (15-minute workshop)

  5. Refining your 1-minute partnership pitch with slides altogether and getting feedback from the moderators by replaying your video (55-minutes)

  6. A quick introduction of the assignments and additional learning materials to prepare for the next module. (5-minutes)

  7. Optional networking (Up to 1 hour)

Materials that you will get

  1. Pitch deck: A meticulously crafted presentation tailored for making partnership deals. This deck will guide you on how to effectively showcase your value proposition, highlight synergies, and present collaboration opportunities to potential partners.

  2. Partnership Guide Handbook: A comprehensive guide detailing the intricacies of forming, maintaining, and optimizing partnerships.

  3. Templates: Ready-to-use templates for partnership agreements, outreach emails, and collaboration proposals.

  4. Database of potential collaborators: A curated list of potential partners, segmented by industry, expertise, and collaboration interests, to help you identify the best fit for your business needs.

  5. One-minute video: We start the BootCamp by building your partnership thesis, pitch in one minute, practice many times, receive feedback, and finally, we show you how to make an attractive video out of it in the last module.

  6. Recorded Session Presentation: Recorded sessions with industry experts discussing the nuances of strategic collaborations. (Workshops are not recorded for your privacy)

  7. Step-by-step tasks: Todos with step-by-step instructions to help attendees apply what they've learned and ensure they're on the right track.

  8. Checklists: Step-by-step guides for tasks like partnership outreach, agreement drafting, and collaboration execution.

  9. ChatGPT prompt book on business development and sales: A collection of prompts and responses tailored for business development and sales scenarios, leveraging the power of ChatGPT to enhance your outreach and negotiation skills.

  10. Software Recommendations: A list of recommended tools and software for managing and optimizing partnerships, from CRM systems to collaboration platforms.

  11. Resource Directory: A list of resources, including books, articles, and online courses, on partnerships and collaborations, to deepen your understanding and stay updated on industry trends.

  12. Bootcamp Networking Directory: A curated list of attendees and their expertise, to facilitate post-bootcamp networking and collaboration, ensuring you have a strong community to lean on as you embark on your partnership journey.

Here are a few opportunities for collaboration within and beyond the cohort!

  1. Joint Venture Initiatives: Collaboratively launching a new product or service that combines the strengths of both partners.

  2. Co-Marketing Campaigns: Joint marketing campaigns to promote both partners' offerings.

  3. Product Integrations: Integrating one partner's product or service into the other's platform or offering.

  4. Event Collaborations: Organizing joint events, webinars, or workshops to educate or promote to a shared audience.

  5. Content Collaborations: Jointly creating content such as blog posts, videos, or podcasts that benefit both partners.

  6. Research & Development: Collaborating on R&D projects to innovate and create new solutions.

  7. Community Building: Jointly building or nurturing a community or forum around a shared interest or goal.

  8. Training & Education: Offering joint training sessions or courses, leveraging the expertise of both partners.

  9. Feedback Loops: Setting up systems where both partners provide feedback on each other's products or services for continuous improvement.

  10. Charity Initiatives: Collaborating on charitable projects or initiatives that align with both partners' corporate social responsibility goals.

Let's talk business! How about the cost? 🤔

Hold onto your seats, because here's the kicker – our first pilot cohort is FREE of charge! 🤯 Yes, you read that right. A golden opportunity to transform your startup's destiny, valued at starting from $3,000, is yours for the taking. We're committed to propelling startups to greatness, and this Bootcamp is our way of walking the talk.

The excitement is already building – even before the public launch, 10 visionary startup founders have already seized their spots! This is your invitation to join the ranks of these enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are ready to blaze a trail in the realm of strategic partnerships.

As it's the first cohort, it's free BUT!

While we are offering this transformative bootcamp without any charges, we believe in the power of community and reciprocity. We ask our participants to support us in the following ways:

  1. Social Media Advocacy: Share your experiences, learnings, and testimonials on your social media platforms. This not only helps us reach a wider audience but also validates the effectiveness of our program.

  2. Referrals: If you find value in our bootcamp, refer us to your network. Word of mouth is the most authentic form of endorsement.

  3. Feedback: As this is our pilot cohort, your feedback is invaluable. Help us refine and improve by providing honest feedback at the end of the program.

  4. Collaborate with Us: We are all about partnerships. If you see any avenues where we can collaborate beyond the bootcamp, we are all ears.

  5. Engage in Post-Bootcamp Activities: Attend our webinars, workshops, and networking events. Your continued engagement helps in building a strong community.

In return for your support, we promise to deliver unparalleled value, a transformative learning experience, and a platform to skyrocket your startup's growth through strategic partnerships.

Testimonials from the test version

This is a dish that slowly but surely, is carefully cooked! Eventually, the demand build up and the dots were connected, then here we are, among a cohort-based BootCamp! Here are just a few of them:

We have a collaboration call for you!

  • Asks: Simply support us on your social media

    • Even though won't apply, you can refer someone.

    • Repost with a comment

    • Any types of excitement publicly about us

... in exchange of...

  • Offer: Get features on our blog and social media by tagging you and your company!

    • You will get featured in our blog and LinkedIn profile, We have around 30,000 impressions monthly on social media, and this does not even include a chance of getting featured by one of our partners who global reach of around 1 million business people!

Featuring our collaborator who helped us recently

Here are supporters who help us to reach more people by reposting

Our sessions are fruitful and fun at the same time!

Here are some interesting insights from the waiting list

  • Attendy profiles: Pre-seed to growth stage startups to people from the enterprise world to VCs. Yes, we know you can't find something take to attract people the same classroom. You know we are here to amplify collaboration between those who are supposed to collaborate!

  • Global attendees: Our bootcamp truly has a global reach, with attendees hailing from 5 different countries. This diverse representation not only showcases the universal appeal of our event but also offers a unique opportunity for cross-border networking and collaboration.

  • Diversity: Our bootcamp is a tapestry of diverse backgrounds, ages, genders, and races. We take pride in curating an environment where young innovators can learn from seasoned professionals, where voices from different genders and backgrounds resonate with equal importance, and where racial diversity is celebrated as a strength. This rich blend of perspectives ensures a holistic approach to problem-solving and innovation, making our gathering not just a bootcamp, but a celebration of global unity and inclusivity.

The application deadline is August 20th!

Don't Miss Out on This Transformative Opportunity!

Ready to collaborate to get traction? Apply now to save your spot in the first-ever cohort-based Partnership Development Bootcamp and step into a world of wide collaboration possibilities 👉 The journey starts on August 22nd – and the dead line is August 20th, mark your calendars and get ready to propel you to greater heights!



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