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Tenatch is a C2C marketplace that combines complementary businesses and place them into commercial spaces.



2 years ago



Broadcast Media, Marketing and Advertising

Paid Collab

Business Category:

Service / Agency Company

End User:

Retail Entrepreneurs

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Collab Call Details

The Call :

We are looking for Retail Entrepreneurs to partner with our Co-branding program

Ask :

we want to partner with you in order to upload videos of their products using our platform

Offer :

we will create a video, promote your location on map and mall app, and it's copyright free so you can use your own.

You will get revenue share from this deal

you will get a lot of new visitors

Partner Type :

Co-Branding Partner

Target PartnerPersona :

Crafts Maker, SMB Owner, Retail Entrepreneir

Target Partner Industry :

Food & Beverages, Retail

Target Partner Location :

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