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Genhouse Project

Hi, I'm Maris from Genhouse Project, revolutionizing UX design collaboration. Genhouse Project offers a streamlined design challenge process for professionals and start-ups. We handle applicant interviews, screening, and project management, ensuring a seamless experience. With a designated design lead overseeing the process, volunteers can tackle any page the client wants to sample, either solo or in a team of 2-3. Once the challenge is complete, it's submitted to the client for them to choose the ideal team for their website project. Benefits to Client: Access to vetted design talent without the need for extra manpower Quality assurance with a dedicated design lead and efficient project management without hassle. Flexibility in choosing the right team members. Contract-based collaboration eliminates the need for additional hires. Ready to elevate your web app development with the perfect design team? Partner with Genhouse Project today and experience streamlined collaboration like never before. Contact us now to unlock the future of UX design!


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