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Community Supporters

We are featuring our closest supporters, and most collaborative members in our network to provide more opportunities for everyone. 

Yu Li Shein

Co-founder, COO of / Co-director of Founder Institute Japan

Atsushi Hamada

Founder at

Davide Sampaolesi

Finance Business Partner | Risk Manager | Consultant - Hitachi Rail

Tetsutaro Tada

Business Development Manager - Otsuka Ohmi Ceramics

Marie Ortega

Senior Market Research, Startup supporter

Michelangiolo Mazzeschi

AI and Cloud @ Goliath AI Consulting

Dr. Joe Hug

Futurist, Researcher, Entrepreneur, Business/Financial Analyst

Matt Ainsworth

Entrepreneur Coach, Consultant

Hyunho Kim

AI Consultant @ Goliath AI Consulting

Erdinc Ekinci

Co-founder, CEO of / Co-director of Founder Institute Japan

Ugur Kara

Creative Entrepreneur, Consultant

Brian Chung

VP Product, Entrepreneurship Advocate

Leo P. Phillips

Independent Finance Consultant

Richard E. Otoole

Startup Scout Associate Partner, VC

William Tanzania

Pocket Nihongo - Founder & CEO

Camilla Jones

Content Manager, Startup Enthusiast

Dolores F. Mata

Creative Entrepreneur, Consultant

Jeffrey Watford

Go to Market Specialist, East-Asia Market Research

Deniz Aygün Benba

Entrepreneur, Founder and Creative Director

Hiroyuki ANNO

CEO, DELIGHT Inc, Sports event producer

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