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Japanese Stationery Company

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Anywhere in the world



Consumer Goods

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Collab Overview

We are open for collaborations with those who have a vision of starting a new business utilizing the Japanese Stationery Company.

Why compete for a slice of the market share when you could have the whole pie?  

In the past few years, Tombow has successfully partnered with creative businesses of all sizes through cross promotion campaigns. We have found that building each other up instead of competing against one another not only increases brand loyalty, but also drives sales!  

How to Partner up with Tombow?

  • A brief summary of your business or company 

  • Any social links affiliated to this business/ company

  • A time period in which you would like the partnership/ cross promotion to commence 

  • A brief explanation of how you can see yourself partnering or cross promoting with Tombow 

  • A brief explanation of how both parties could benefit from a partnership or cross promotion  

Please note that a Tombow Representative will review your submission as soon as possible. Submissions may take several weeks to process and a response by a Tombow Representative is not warranted.


Blogging, social media influencer, content


New products, services, and PoC


Affiliate, bundle, resale, distribution partnerships


Supplier & procurement partnerships


Support a common cause together 

CSR Partner
Non-profit Partner
Pro-bono Partner

About Us

silver and gold round coins on white sma

Tombow is a Japanese family company that manufactures high-quality and reliable writing instruments and therefore supports creative people in their work.


Consumer Goods

Team Size:







  • 2017 PR daily award winner 

  • Have won various awards 

  • Mentioned in a lot of news and articles

  • 123,602 monthly visitors for US tombow page

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