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#1 Best-selling Tax Preparation software to File Taxes Online.

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Collab Overview

When you connect with TurboTax, you're gaining a powerful tool and a competitive advantage.  

Program overview

Offering TurboTax import to your customers and employees enables them to import their tax-related data documents into their tax returns quickly and easily. You not only save them time - you simplify their tax preparation and help ensure data entry is complete and accurate. That's great for them and increases customer satisfaction and retention for you.  

Program highlights

  • Free participation for organizations, financial customers and employees 

  • Complements e-delivery efforts and self-service applications 

  • Secure and accurate tax form data delivery

  • Technical Support from Intuit 

  • Marketing resources and revenue share opportunities 

  • Multiple connection methods for W-2 data  

Benefits of TurboTax import

  • Secure, private user access to tax information via credentialing 

  • Fast, accurate data entry into tax returns 

  • Paperless electronic delivery of document data 

  • Ease in completion of tax forms, especially for large or frequent investors 

  • Compliance with complex government regulations 

  • More accurate and credentialed data means less risk of fraud  

We are open for collaborations with those who have a vision of starting a new business that needs help with taxes. Accurate. Easy. Automatic. How taxes should be. With out helo, you can Auto import, upload, and accurately report your investment taxes, effortlessly.  

At the moment, there are four ways to partner with TurboTax: 

Choose a program that fits you best 

  • Affiliate Partner 

  • Non Profit Partner 

  • Ambassador Parnter 

  • Supplier Partner  

Please check out for more details in the following each program or let us know how we can become parnter. 


Blogging, social media influencer, content


New products, services, and PoC


Affiliate, bundle, resale, distribution partnerships


Supplier & procurement partnerships


Support a common cause together 

CSR Partner
Non-profit Partner
Pro-bono Partner

About Us

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We help you get your taxes done right. Join us for tax tips & news that will help you keep more of your money.


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United Kingdom




  • 4.6 / 5 editors' rating $0 

  • $120 Cost of DIY filing 

  • +$50 per state return

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