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China, Vietnam, India, Myanmar, Bangladesh


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[Vietnam, India, China, Bangladesh, Myanmar] Request for engine oil market development support

We started our own brand and commercialized it 3 years ago when we received a consultation from Iraqi about importing Japanese made lubricating oil.
We have conducted field surveys in Iraq, Myanmar, Bangladesh, etc. and have realized that there is a demand for Japanese-made lubricating oil overseas.
Up to now, we have received inquiries from overseas companies on Facebook and have negotiated many times, but the negotiations did not work because there were financial problems and the quantity of order was too small.
Based on the above, we would like to ask an expert to support the development of overseas markets.

(Product Details)
Engine oil

Business content

Manufacturing, sales and import/export of lubricating oil and engine oil

What are we looking for

(1) Looking for distributor (We are looking for a company that can do large-scale transactions.)
(2) Sales agent, business negotiation and appointment acquisition agent

(Target companies in each country)
・Automotive business
・Wholesale and trading company for vehicle maintenance


We would appreciate if you could give us your suggestions, support contents, and a sense of cost and we will consider them.


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