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Base location


Target locations

United States


IT/communication, Services


Time to solve


By about September


1 to 10

[USA] Request for matching app promotion activity

We plan to launch a matching app in the United States around September this year.
Along with that, we are looking for a proven advertising agency in the United States.
I would like to ask companies with knowledge of SNS advertisements and FB advertisements in the US to support PR activities.

The details of the request are as follows.

United States (New York)

(Service details)
Family-first thinking matching app for men and women
(Services for those who have a concrete image of the family and those who want to find a partner by focusing on the inside rather than the appearance)

Men and women around 35 years old (single person)

Business content

Application development/operation

What are we looking for

Support for promotional activities such as SNS ads and FB ads for matching apps


About 100,000$ in 3 months


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