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Base location


Target locations



Manufacturing, wholesale/retail


Time to solve


End of August 2020


1001 to 5000

[Vietnam] Request for credit survey of local company

Currently, there are companies that are candidates for business partners in Vietnam.
Therefore, we would appreciate your support below.

(Content of desired credit survey)
・Financial status (sales and profits for 3 years)
・Customer information (capital, number of employees, etc.)
・Business partners
・ Positioning of the industry (if known)
In addition, I know the company page of the company that I want to investigate.

Business content

Our main business is the manufacture and sale of steel materials, forged products, electromagnetic products,
and among them, I belong to the department that handles fertilizer for agriculture.

What are we looking for

Credit survey
・I would like to know in advance about the companies that are candidates for business partners.


Around 500$

First of all, I would like to ask you how far you can research within the above budget.

We would also appreciate if you could give us a quote when you have surveyed all of the desired credit survey details.


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