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[USA] Consulting on expanding sales channels for gaming desks and looking for sales agents

Since we start ourf company, we would like to to expand our business to overseas.
We would like to get consultation to expand sales channel in overseas.

United States
.We are thinking to start from United Staes becuase it has a lot of potential for our proudct game desk and we also think to apply patent in United States.

If business is going well, we like to expand our business to Europe and thinking to apply patent in Europe too.

(Product/Service Details)
Gaming desk
・we have patent in Japan
-Manufacturing is currently done in Japan, but will soon start production in Taiwan.
-If "Made in Japan" is effective as a promotion in the United States, we are considering making it in Japan.

Business content

Planning, manufacturing and sales of game related mahinces and parts

What are we looking for

-Looking for a sales agent to create sales channel by targeting the companies which are familiar with game consoles


1000 USD


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