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Base location


Target locations

United States


Wholesale/Retail, Medical/Welfare, Others


Time to solve


August ~ September
(Desired time to start EC sales)


51 to 100

【US】 Request for EC sales support for physical function assisting devices and proposal of optimal promotion method

We are considering the EC sales of our product "Body function auxiliary equipment" in the United States.
We are considering Amazon as a candidate, but we would like to ask for your advice and support regarding with EC sales in the United States.
We are also looking for companies that can support effective promotion methods associated with EC sales.
Below are the specific details.

(Sales method)
-We would like to provide a rental model at a low price with a subscription model.
-xplain the usage method to the purchaser in the web course

(Product Details)
Bodily functions auxiliary equipment and physical function auxiliary system
waist type self-reliance for support

the United States (California)

Business content

Research and development of treatment equipment and treatment technology for physical function improvement

Research and development of physical function assisting devices and system for the elderly and people with disabilities

Research and development of physical function enhancement/expansion device and physical function enhancement/expansion system

What are we looking for

(1) Advice and support regarding sales in the US EC
(2) Proposal and support for the optimal promotion method


Plan to find out the budget (assumed budget) secured for this project


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