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[America] Consultation for overseas business expansion of our electrical construction related technology services and partnership development

We are possible to carry out the necessary electrical installation work at our factory and plant equipment.
We can handle all electrical works such as piping work, duct work, rack work, cubicle installation, etc. regardless of domestic or overseas.
Until now, we have experience in setting up for Japanese manufacturer's factory in Taiwan, China, United States, Thailand, Vietnam, etc., and have experience in work, related to electrical installation work such as wiring work to start up an American factory of a certain major company.
We had transactions mainly with Japanese manufacturers, but we would like to develop services associated with the establishment of a factory for American companies (factories).
We are in the information gathering stage, including the possibility of doing business in the United States, but we would appreciate your consultation and support.

(Service details)
・Electrical design (hardware, software) of FA device, control panel production, machine wiring work, on-site adjustment
・Electrical installation work required for factory/plant equipment

Business content

FA system business, electrical installation business
Sales of various FA parts and electrical installation materials, etc.

What are we looking for

① We would like to discuss whether there is a demand in the United States in the technical provision of electrical construction work and the business possibility.
② the United States of local companies (factory), the introduction of such Japanese companies (with factory), your request of the customer develop support


As we are in the information gathering stage, we will give you an idea about the cost and consider it.


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