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[WorldWide] Japanese Amusement Chain Company looking for Amusement Franchise store interest partner in Worldwide

We do have subsidiary in United Sates, China, Russia, SEA. For Russia.
Overall Group revenue is around 1 billion USD and 80% of revenue is from Japan. We like to expand more and more to overseas in the future.
Our target country – higher GDP per capital country if possible and initial Investment to set up one new amusement: 5-7 million usd and average revenue returns per amusement store is 8 million USD/ yearly.

Business content

Japan-based amusement store chain. In Japan, the amusement centers offer bowling alleys, arcade games, karaoke, and billiards, they also have a larger variation of Round One known as SpoCha, abbreviated for Sports Challenge, that offers a variety of items and indoor/outdoor activities such as batting cages, basketball, volleyball, tennis, futsal, driving range, etc.

What are we looking for

We are looking for any partners WorldWide which interest to amusement store. Most our past partners which has Big Supermarket Area interest to work with us.


Depends on your offer, we like to consider.


We are looking for your contact.

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