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China, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Mongolia, Other Asia




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[Southeast Asia] Request for consulting on beef export

Prior to the lifting of the ban on Japanese beef exports in China, we are focusing on building a route to sell beef overseas.

○ Asia
We are aiming for China as the main target, but I think that the lifting of the ban on the import of Japanese beef has been postponed, so we would like to actively sell to other countries.

Possible candidates: Singapore, Vietnam

Business content


What are we looking for

① About transportation method
・We are considering shipping.
・We have already arranged from the slaughterhouse to the port (Japanese side), but we would like to ask for your support regarding the transportation method when sending overseas.

② How to expand sales channels
We are considering the following three sales channels.
・Internet sales
We would like to directly supply a stable supply in units such as how many animals per year.

③ Find a local sales agent


The ideal is a partner contract, but I would like to talk about it first.


・We have a contract with a farm in Kagoshima, Kyushu.
・It is possible to export 2000 heads overseas every year.
・Price: Single sale (frozen) 2.5 million
・Quality: A5 grade
・We plan to increase the number of suppliers after making successful cases.

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