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Base location


Target locations

Indonesia, Philippines, United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Russia


Manufacturing, wholesale/retail


Time to solve


I want to consider and proceed


51 to 100

[Europe, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Philippines, Indonesia, Africa, Egypt] Request for a distributor of work tools

Our company sells not only in Japan but also in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, UAE, Australia, Vietnam and USA.
In the future, we would like to introduce local distributors in each country to further develop overseas sales channels.
Until now, there is a history of opening sales channels through exhibition store openings and connections with Japanese companies and it is the first time for us to request an expert.

First of all, we would like to ask for consultation and support contents.
We are in the information gathering stage, but we would appreciate your kind support.

(Product Details)
Work tools

(Sales target)
Trading company (import company), tool wholesaler/specialty company
* Could you introduce a distributor with a connection to the above companies?

Europe, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Philippines, Indonesia, Africa, Egypt

Business content

Manufacture and sale of various drivers, electric screwdriver bits, hexagonal wrenches, flexible shafts, and other work tools

What are we looking for

Looking for distributor
*We are thinking of providing the list, but we would like to discuss with you about sales agents also.


Please give us a sense of cost and we have plan to consider


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