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[United States] Japanese Small Food Business looking for Legal support servcie for geting consultation opening Japanese Food Truck Business in New York,

Want to open Food Truck Business in NY manhattan
In westchester, we knows that it is possible to apply for a food truck license and how to apply. But in manhattan, there is limitation in license for food truck and it is already full. So they need to wait until some people release licenses and they do not know when it will come.
Instead of waiting for the availability of a food truck license, he likes to do the following. But he is not sure that it is legal or not , license is required or not and what kind of process is necessary or not.
Rent parking slot or other private place that is possible to park Truck monthly
Runs to run Food Truck Business .Currently Japanese Ramen in future he may sublease other business to use partially
Such as two days for ramen, two days for udon and one day for sushil

Business content

Food Service ( Japanese Groceries and Japanese Ramen Shop)

What are we looking for

Servey for neccsary requirements for getting liscense such as
・Confirmation items: Is the above model operating on private land established?
・Investigation: Details of regulations related to food truck specifications
・Investigation: Minimum food truck specifications that allow permission
If it is possible, we would like to get support to apply liscense


Yes, Want to get quotation form you and make decision


Company is C Corporation
Location : westchester
Employees : Owner is president and owner living with E2 visa.
has two employees. One is his wife and another one is
Japanese staff supported the visa by this company.
We are looking for your contact.

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