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We will contact you as soon as possible and hope to establish it in the autumn or early this year.


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[USA] Request for support for establishing a corporation in Nevada

Our company mainly develops business for users in America and Europe, and considering the efficiency of payment with overseas users, we are considering establishing a corporation in the United States (Nevada).

At present, we are considering switching to an overseas-based settlement agent for local settlement, and the contract condition for that agent is the establishment of an overseas corporation.
Therefore, I would like to proceed with the thorough gathering of information toward the establishment of an American corporation.
The details of the request are as follows.
* We would like to ask a company that can support the establishment of a local corporation in Nevada.

Business content

Operation of electronic comic/animation distribution site for overseas users

What are we looking for

・Support for the establishment of a corporation in the US (Nevada)
・I would like a company that can support corporate registration on behalf of Nevada
・Support for bank account opening procedures
・We would appreciate your consultation and support regarding the legal system and tax system.

*Since we do not consider dispatching employees or sales locally, we are considering establishing a virtual office.


We will give you a sense of cost and plan after considering it


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