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Connect & Pitch to Enterprises and investors via video calls!

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

We are really exited to starting our "Connect & Pitch" events in partnership with Kawasaki NEDO Innovation Center (K-NIC) in Japan at 18 December 2019!

Details of this collaboration call


  • On stage: We will give chance to present 10 companies with a video-con.

  • In the Exhibition area: We will pace printed your collaboration call (brief explanations, your interest of partnerships and website QR code) onto A4 cardboards. No in-person attending needed.

  • Physical attendees: We will bring together to local leader business and innovation players who have global influence on their respectful industries. We are targeting to do this concept each time at 24 most innovative countries or cities regularly this time in Tokyo!

Our target startups

This time startups from U.S, U.K, Germany, Italy, Estonia, Turkey, Israel, India, Thailand, and Singapore.


Mostly VCs, Corporate VCs, Corporate executives.


Our function is bringing and introducing different multidisciplinary ecosystem players with each-other globally. So it's an opportunity to get investment, sales deals, strategic partnerships so on.

How to apply?

Just contact us from here ›››


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