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(Founder Institute X Founders have been nominated as Director of FI Tokyo Chapter

We are thrilled to make an announcement that our Founders, Erdinc Ekinci and Yu Li Shein, have been nominated to be Tokyo Chapter Directors for the Founder Institute in March 2022.

Founder Institute is a Silicon Valley based, world’s biggest early stage, pre-seed startup accelerator in 90+ countries, across 200 cities, with a global network of 25.000 mentors and 5,500 portfolio startups including Udemy, Appota. and Founder Institute visions are aligning with each other. With FI, we hope we can serve the startup Ecosystem across the world with collaboration starting from Tokyo, Japan.

Japan's startup ecosystem is behind compared to other big major developed countries. In comparison to the last 10 years, venture capital fundraising and investment to startups are significantly growing in Japan even though it is still quite small in comparison to other developed nation ecosystems like Silicon Valley.

Diversity is also a big issue in Japan. They tend to isolate in terms of geography, culture, and language barrier. However, in recent years, the importance of diversity has been widely acknowledged. The idea is that having more females, the aged, foreigners, people of color, lgbt+ and the people with disabilities within the firm is more desirable.

As an impact driven company, our mission, “making the world more collaborative” perfectly aligns with the Founder Institute’s mission to support the global startup ecosystem.

We are thrilled to make an impact with FI together.

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