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Top 15 Affiliate Management Softwares

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Managing affiliates for an early business can be frustrating and sometimes might be difficult. In our previous blog we have given you plenty of information on how to use affiliate marketing to boost your business and speed up your product. Check out those are articles Everything You Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing For Your Business, How to Get Started Affiliate Program Step by Step, Top 10 Affiliate Networks for Business

Advertisers need to choose an affiliate management platform, in a similar way as they do an affiliate network. Joining an affiliate network means relying on somebody totally. After kickoff your programs have already been recognized by many affiliates, it is probably a better idea to start to ship to launch your own program. So you will be the owner of the program and access all data on ad campaigns.

Starting your own program does not mean that you have to do everything from scratch including technology. You can use affiliate management software SaaS. There are plenty of affiliate management SaaS software.

How to Choose Right Affiliate Management Software

  1. The analytics feature is compulsory

  2. Able to Customize which is good for your company long term brands

  3. 24/7 Technical Support is a must because ad campaign does not work just 8 hours a day

  4. Integrations with 3rd party services such as fraud prevention, billing services, CRM, eCommerce platforms, BI tools, etc.

  5. Flexible API term is better for integrations other software that is not yet “plugged” into the platform

How much does affiliate Management Software will cost you?

In the next following session “Top 15 Affiliate Management Saas Software”, you can see the price range, free trial, and rates, etc for more details. The price can range from 40$ to a couple of thousand dollars. Please do research really well such as by seeing ratings, comparison websites to understand better to be able to choose the one that matches with your conditions.

Our Recommend Top 15 Affiliate Softwares

Let us help you get the starting point on your affiliate management journey by giving you our favorite recommendations tools for you to expand in affiliate marketing. Here are some of the top 15 affiliate management software that might help you start your affiliate marketing journey.

Top 15 Affiliate Software Comparisons Table.



Free Trial


Post affiliate Pro

4.63/ 510 reviews (*1)

Yes (14 days trial)


Lead Dyno

4.3/123 reviews (*2)

30 days free trial

$49-$79 /month


4.57/49 reviews (*1)

14 days free trial

$69-$149/ month (enterprise plan also available)


3.8 /9 reviews (*2)

No free trial

$39-$59/month for cloud options; one-time fee starting at $249 for self-hosted options


4.78/27 reviews (*1)

14 days free trial


Partner Stack

4.89/81 reviews (*1)

No free trial

Starts at $500/month




4.69 / 150 Reviews(*1)

No free trial

Starts at $500/month



4.64 / 101 reviews (*1)



Kartra (Affiliate)

​4.5 / 126 reviews (*1)

(Depending on the occasion it sometimes offers free trial but it they provide $1 demo trial for 14 days)



4.6 / 52 reviews (*1)


$599-$1500/month Paid Annually


4.53 /17 reviews (*1)

Demo and Free Trial



4.27 / 48 reviews (*1)

14 Days Free Trial

$89/Month - Contact US (Performance Based Pricing)

Referral rock

4.5 / 55 reviews (*2)

Demo and Free Trial



4.62 stars (73 reviews (*1)


$149 - Contact US


4.6 stars / 68 reviews (*3)


Contact US

*1 Reviews rate is according to @March 22,2022

*2 Reviews rate is according to @March 22,2022

*3 Reviews rate is according to @Mar 22, 2022

1. Post affiliate Pro

Rate : 4.63/ 510 reviews (*1)

Free Trial : 14 days trial

Price : $97-$477/month

Main Features :

  • Premium tracking methods

  • Detailed affiliate reports

  • Private campaigns

  • Multiple commission types

  • Unique banners

  • Promotional materials.


  • Excellent customer service

  • Top-notch affiliate tracking system

  • Easy to manage affiliates

  • Flexible user interface customization

  • Detailed reports and data analysis.

  • Plenty of integration in their system.


  • Expensive.

  • They will charge an additional fee for the extra services that aren’t provided at the most expensive price.

  • It can be hard to understand for amateurs.

*1 Reviews rate is according to @March 22,2022

2. Lead Dyno

Rate : 4.3/123 reviews (*2)

Free Trial : 30 days free trial

Price : $49-$79 /month

Main Features

- influencer Marketing Capabilities

- Social Media Tracking

- Affiliate & Commission management

- Automated Email system

- Affiliate pay-out capabilities

- Product promotional campaigns setup

- Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

- Comprehensive Reporting.

- Direct engagement with affiliates.


- Easy to sign up & Navigate,

- Reasonable pricing and seamless integration with social media platforms and e-commerce stores.


  • Customer Service

  • No way to customize automatic payment methods.

*2 Reviews rate is according to @March 22,2022

3. Tapfiliate

Rate : 4.57/49 reviews (*1)

Free Trial : 14 days free trial

Price : $69-149/ month (enterprise plan also available)

Main Features

- Affiliate Autopilot

- Banner Management

- Tracking by Discount Codes

- Link to Individual Product

- Recurring Commission Payout

- Multiple Payout Options

- Asset Wall and Automatic Fraud Detection


- Simple to set-up and learn

- Highly intuitive and customizable interface

- Extraordinarily supportive customer service

- Free trial of 14 days


  • Supporting a limited number of languages

  • Free version of software not available.

*1 Reviews rate is according to @March 22,2022

4. IDevAffiliate

Rate : 3.8 /9 reviews(*2)

Free Trial : No free trial

Price : $39-$59/month for cloud options; one-time fee starting at $249 for self-hosted options

Main Features

- User-friendly dashboard

- Providing real time training to each client

- Real-time traffic and commission report

- Integration with social media

- Ecommerce

- Onboarding and ongoing support and Tier recruiting.


- Easily customizable both for the admins as well as the users

- The integrations it provides are very useful and convenient

- Fraud prevention tools actually filter out suspicious leads

- Users can create social media content that affiliates can share directly from their accounts

- Users can select multiple marketing tools and options.


  • The software is cumbersome to install and has a few bugs

  • Customer service isn’t very responsive and helpful sometimes. Depends on the service that was selected which makes it inconsistent.

*2 Reviews rate is according to @March 22,2022

5. Scaleo

Rate : 4.78/27 reviews(*1)

Free Trial : 14 days free trial

Price : $299-$999/month

Main Features

- Affiliate Marketing Features

- Campaign Management

- Smart Targeting

- Performance Analytics (Affiliate)

- Fraud Prevention

- Smart Link and Real-time Click Tracking


- The site’s user intersurface is easy to use

- Good customer support

- Fair price


  • customers are doubting their uptime and support.

*1 Reviews rate is according to @March 22,2022

6. Partner Stack

Rate : 4.89/81 reviews(*1)

Free Trial : No free trial

(Free demo available)

Price : Starts at $500/month(speculated)

Main Features

- Affiliate payout system

- Lead management

- Campaign management

- Promotional offers and campaigns

- Customer & Affiliate tracking

- Email campaign editor and Analytics


- Easy to set up and use

- Beautiful and modern UI

- Great customer service

- Seamless backend integration

- Trusted by top-notch affiliates

- Great exposure


  • Not yet mobile friendly

  • Lacking further notifications settings

*1 Reviews rate is according to @March 22,2022

7. PayKickStart

Rate : 4.69 / 150 Reviews(*1)

Free Trial : No free trial(Free demo available)

Price : Starts at $500/month(speculated)

Main Features

- Payment Processing

- Multiple Currencies

- Conversion Tools

- Retargeting & Tracking Pixels

- Affiliate Tracking Link Customization

- Billing Updates, Email Alerts and Audience Segmentation & Demographics.


- Instant sales

- Conversion boosting tools

- Global sales

- intelligence dashboard

- Subscriptions

- Checkout forms and Dashboard


  • It can be complicated for newbies.

*1 Reviews rate is according to @March 22,2022

8. AffiliateWP

Rate : 4.64 / 101 reviews(*1)

Free Trial : N/A

Price : $99-$249 per year, or a one-time payment of $499(speculated)

Main Features

- Affiliate & Coupon Tracking

- Automatic Affiliate Creation

- Referral Link Generator & Rate Types

- Manual Affiliate Approval

- Affiliate Dashboard, Shortcodes

- Data Export

- Integrations Emails

- Affiliate Management, Registration, URLs and Real-Time Reporting


- it integrates directly with WordPress making it super easy to install a basic setup.


  • It can be complicated for newbies (in terms of modifying and based on the review) however its website claims to be easy to set up.

*1 Reviews rate is according to @March 22,2022

9. Kartra

Rate : 4.5 / 126 reviews(*1)

Free Trial : Demo

Price : $99-$499/month

Main Features

- Customer Relationship Management

- Website Hosting

- Email Marketing

- Manual Affiliate Approval

- Funnel Building

- Marketing Automations.


- The all-in-one functionality allows you to handle all your marketing needs from a single platform

- It gives you access to a lot of royalty-free pictures that you can use on your pages.

- The software is extremely easy to set up and start using.

- The training videos Katra provides are very helpful


  • Membership and sales analytics are very limited

  • The email templates and builder aren't very appealing aesthetically.

*1 Reviews rate is according to @March 22,2022

10. Tune

Rate : 4.6 / 52 reviews(*1)

Free Trial : Demo

Price : $99-$499/month

Main Features

- It helps you build, manage, and improve your current partner programs with its strong set of features, including customizable dashboards, white labelling, and efficiently saved reports

- Its native post back capabilities and automated affiliate marketing software tools are an added plus

- Help your business streamline every aspect of your partner marketing campaigns.


  • Easy to use report building feature

  • Periodically introducing and improving platform features on user feedback

  • User-friendly interface


  • Expensive

  • A steep learning curve for beginners

  • It does not allow for multi-level marketing

  • Lack of simplified documentation of payout history.

*1 Reviews rate is according to @March 22,2022

11. Cake

Rate : 4.53 /17 reviews(*1)

Free Trial :Demo and free trial

Price : $200-$800/month

Main Features

- Recurring Performance Reports

- Branded Affiliate Portal

- Digital Sales Tracking with commission structures out.

- Automatic Commission Payments

- Analytics Dashboard

- Real-Time Clicks and Conversions Monitoring


  • Very organised and user-friendly

  • Great affiliate tracking capabilities

  • Easy affiliate payouts

  • All major e-commerce platforms integration

  • Efficient customer support


  • there is no cross-device tracking.

*1 Reviews rate is according to @March 22,2022

12. Refersion

Rate : 4.27 / 48 reviews(*1)

Free Trial :free trial

Price : Contact US

Main Features

- Campaign Management

- Performance Analytics (Affiliate)

- Smart Links

- Multi-level Referral Tracking

- Real-time Click Tracking.


  • The Affiliate Finder lets you search for affiliates from all over the web

  • Affiliate A/B testing lets affiliates identify the unicorn link and bring in the best results.

  • You can use custom domains and landing pages

  • The bulk invite feature lets you invite all affiliates at once


  • The software is mainly designed for smaller businesses and individuals and works better that way

  • The Affiliate Finder access is limited even in the most expensive Enterprise plan of the software.

*1 Reviews rate is according to @March 22,2022

13. Referral rock

Rate : 4.5 / 55 reviews(*2)

Free Trial :Demo and free trial

Price : $200-$800/month

Main Features

  • ​​Rewards Management

  • Referral Tracking

  • Lead Engagement

  • Email Campaigns

  • Automations

  • Social Media Sharing

  • Instant Integrations and Dashboards and Reporting


  • It can integrate with HubSpot and can be used as a CRM

  • The reports generated within the Admin dashboard are very helpful

  • The flexibility and customization options are near endless

  • The widgets are really easy to embed and generally easy to work with


  • working with text within the software (like font selection and size, spacing, etc.) can be glitchy at times.

  • The reporting capabilities are quite limited.

*2 Reviews reate is according to @March 22,2022

14. Tipalti

Rate :4.62 stars (73 reviews(*1)

Free Trial :Demo

Price : Contact for pricing

Main Features

- Tipalti is just like other software which offers many functions and the closest one to is


  • By using this software, you can have ACH payments

  • Approval workflow and Easy vendor onboarding


  • Their support team takes a long time to resolve tickets.

  • Tipalti will need to improve their integration with Sage Intacct as far as bill sync errors

  • It would be great if there was an option to edit bills after approval.

*1 Reviews rate is according to @March 22,2022

15. Partnerize

Rate :4.6 stars / 68 reviews(*3)

Free Trial :Demo

Price : Contact for pricing

Main Features

  • Custom Links Referral Link Generator

  • Tracking Options

  • Email Updates Affiliate

  • Tracking Cookieless Tracking Control

  • Role-Based Permissions

  • Utility

  • Individual Portals Action Tracking.

Many companies tend to use partnerise so we can assume that the pros far outweighed its cons and it is a very convenient software to use.


  • Flexibility in running the affiliate.

  • Easy access and monitoring

  • Allow rapid growth of affiliates.


  • It may take awhile to get used to the software.

  • Support can be delayed due to international ticketing system is the method of implementation.

*3 Reviews rate is according to Mar 22, 2022


Now that you are familiar with our favorite recommendations, you can start your affiliate journey in the future with no hesitation. We hope that you learn much from our top 15 Affiliate Management Software and can choose which one that works best for your business.

We itself helps you to understand what kind of partnership program and how to launch and recruit your target affiliate based on your requirement and conditions. In order to understand what you need and have more partnership opportunities, please apply here


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