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Looking for Authorized Commodity Importer and Consultant

We are looking for authorized commodity importer and consultant to research on an exhibition for overseas products.

Looking for Collaborators

Business Cateogry


Market Research, Marketing and Advertising


United States of America

What is our offer

We plan to import products from US to Japan and sell them as agents.

In Japan, we would like to promote products that are not known yet, and we would like to conduct product research and business negotiations/negotiations at exhibitions, etc., as a way to acquire lot of information on new products.

Therefore, I would like to request research on an exhibition limited to overseas products.

Business content

FA system business, electrical installation work

Sales of various FA parts and electrical equipment materials

What are we looking for

Research for the following exhibitions to be held in the United States

・Agricultural exhibition such as hydroponic cultivation (kit)

・Electronics exhibition

*This time, I would like to ask for research at the exhibition, but I would like to ask if it is possible to introduce companies that have products.


As we are in the information gathering stage, we will give you an idea about the cost and consider it.


Company Overview

Importer of Electrical Equipment from US to Japan


Import and Export


Retail / Wholesale Company

About us

Our company import trading goods from the United States to be sold in Japan


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