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Buy and donate our Smart Cane for blind to the people whoever needed the most!

Give the Gift of Independence by donating or buying Enhancing the mobility of visually impaired people through revolutionary

smart cane and smartphone app

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What is our offer

We are open for collaborations with those who have a vision of starting a new business utilizing the Smart Cane for visually impaired people.

We’re looking for partners and distributors who wish to be a part of a company that enhances lives with cutting edge technology and believe in improving societal integration through mobility, and allowing everyone, regardless of their ability, to walk together.

If you want to donate to directly to individual who are visually impaired people, please also contact us too.

Where Is Your Money Going?

Every dollar raised on our platform will go directly towards the purchase of WeWALK Smart Canes for deserving individuals across the visually impaired community.

What is WeWALK Smart Cane?

Named as TIME Magazine's Best Inventions of 2019 and honoured to be selected as the Startup of the Year by Amazon in 2021. WeWALK is a novel mobility system for visually impaired people comprising a smartphone app and companion smart cane, allowing them full and equal participation in everyday life. WeWALK’s fit on top of the white cane and adds Bluetooth connectivity to the WeWALK app. Using WeWALK's inbuilt sensors, touchpad, speaker and microphone, users benefit from above-ground obstacle detection, seamless outdoor navigation and exploration, and hands-free control of their mobile device, straight from their cane.

Standalone, the WeWALK app remains the most versatile navigation and exploration app for visually impaired people, delivering the world’s first multi-modal navigation system with uncompromised accessibility.

Multi-modal navigation provides visually impaired individuals to reach his/her location with transportation options and gives him/her information about different transportation options near them whether that’s a bus line, a subway, or a metro line. This feature also gives his/her directions to those stops and information about the schedules. Thanks to this feature, visually impaired individuals can easily get to their destinations by directly enter where they want to go.

Why Give?

There are 253 million visually impaired people in our world today and we want every individual to experience the ultimate mobility. Together, we can truly empower the independence of countless people living with visual impairments.

Company Overview

Smart Cane for visually impaired people

United Kingdom

Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing


Brand and Product Company

About us

Enhancing the mobility of visually impaired people through revolutionary smart cane and smartphone app.

We want everyone in the visually impaired community to experience better mobility. So, even if you don’t have a WeWALK smart cane, you can still access our advanced navigation and exploration features by downloading the WeWALK Smartphone App, available on iOS and Android.


$750k total funding amount - 8 investors including Vestel Ventures

Winner of TIME Magazine's Best Invention and Gold Winner of Edison Award 2018

15 article mentions from medias such as CCN and BBC

6 partners including Microsoft and Imperial College London

2 offices in London and Istanbul

10+ years experiences in developing visually impaired technology

11k monthly pageviews

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