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Human Interest

Affordable, Full-Service 401(k) Plans for SMBs

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United States

Financial Services

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Human Interest is founded on a simple idea: Affordable, zero-transaction fee, 401(k) plans for small and medium businesses. Businesses that, historically, never had access to these types of investment and tax-benefit retirement vehicles.


Here are the big things we've done to shake up the retirement industry:


1. We eliminated all 401(k) transaction fees for companies and their employees.

2. We made it so easy to start saving that we see 2x the average industry participation rate.

3. We helped thousands of customers open their company’s first 401(k) plan and start saving.

4. We built end-to-end technology to solve administrative and compliance headaches for small and medium-sized businesses.


Human Interest is leveling the playing field on retirement by making employer and employee retirement savings more intuitive, more affordable, and more inclusive.


Financial Services


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United States





  • 7,000+ businesses
  • 6% Total headcount growth in 6 months




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Collab Overview

Together, we secure futures

86% of businesses with fewer than 500 employees do not offer a 401(k) or other retirement plan.1 Let’s change that.

We partner with organizations that understand the importance of financial wellness and driving greater value to their clients. Partners receive personalized support and access to simple, affordable retirement plans designed to fit the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.


1. HCM Partners

Human Capital Management (HCM) companies partner with Human Interest to offer their customers an affordable retirement benefit plan. Compete against the national providers by offering a seamlessly integrated payroll and 401(k) solution that can create a long-term client base, contribute to the financial health of your customers, and help them recruit and maintain top talent.


2. Banks & Credit Unions

Banks and Credit Unions partner with Human Interest to help their clients and members access an affordable retirement plan option. Give your clients a 401(k) built for small to medium-sized businesses. They’ll get access to a modern, automated solution, making it easier to manage and help their employees save for their financial future. Which also helps you compete against larger competitors.


3. Benefit Brokers

Human Interest partners with Benefit Brokers to help their clients offer retirement benefits to bolster their existing benefit offerings. With state-mandated retirement plans popping up across the country, Human Interest can set you apart from your competitors by partnering with you to help your clients mitigate risk and ensure they’re compliant.


4. Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors across the country work with Human Interest to deliver intuitive, customized retirement plans that come with an easy-to-use interface as well as separate dashboards for advisors, employers, and employees. Create an investment lineup from almost any mutual fund or low-cost index fund available on the open market, or participants can select from individualized model portfolios.


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