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A.I. Google Certified Publishing Partner

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Anywhere in the world


United States

Information Technology and Services

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Collab Overview

Ezoic is an end-to-end platform that allows digital publishers to intelligently monetize, produce, analyze, and market their content. It's free to use and only requires a few steps to get started.

We are currently offering following partner program: 

  • Affiliate Partner Program

Ezoic affiliates can earn a commission for educating and promoting the benefits of Ezoic with other publishers.

Join thousands of Ezoic Affiliates today.


Blogging, social media influencer, content


New products, services, and PoC


Affiliate, bundle, resale, distribution partnerships


Supplier & procurement partnerships


Support a common cause together 

CSR Partner
Non-profit Partner
Pro-bono Partner

About Us

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Ezoic is an award-winning technology partner for digital publishers and content creators. Our unique solutions allow independent websites and video publishers to increase their revenue and grow their audiences without depending on BIg Tech or relying on a long list of 3rd-party service providers.  Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner. We help our platform all users leverage sophisticated tools and technologies previously reserved for experts in a way that is approachable and scalable, no matter their experience or size.  The Ezoic platform leverages artificial intelligence to understand the behavior of web visitors and advertisers to deliver tailored monetization models to different audiences; resulting in far more valuable experiences for all parties involved in modern advertising. The Ezoic platform includes many additional features for independent content publishers that spans everything from intelligent website analytics to tools focused on website performance, regulations/policy, SEO, and more.  Ezoic is built for everyone from bloggers to major brands and is the first platform built to provide the value of large teams and modern data science without anyof the overhead or complexity associated with managing these sophisticated systems.  Ezoic was the first North American Google AdSense Certified Partner and was an inaugural member of the Google Certified Publishing Partner Program.  Ezoic was also the recipient of the Google Business Innovation Award in late 2016. Ezoic is backed by Balderton Capital, New Amsterdam Capital and Silicon Valley Bank.


Information Technology and Services

Team Size:



United States




  • 235+ people

  • 1.7B + Pageviews each month and growing

  • Google award-winning platform

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