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Integrated Cloud

Cloud Technology

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United Kingdom


United Kingdom

Information Technology and Services

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Collab Overview

Partner with us and grow your revenue using CloudCube at no extra cost

We are currently seeking IT and/or HR companies and consultants to partner with us to white label our cloud based SAAS product.  Opportunity to white label our product to their customers at 0 cost to our partners.

A partnership with Integrated Cloud is a WIN/WIN situation for your organisation.

  • A partnership to differentiate your service offering in a crowded market.

  • Use ‘tried and tested’ enterprise functions with an investment of circa £10million that have delivered successful projects.

  • Embrace automation to free up your team from administrative tasks.

  • Extend and strengthen your customer relationships and stay on the preferred supplier’s lists.


Blogging, social media influencer, content


New products, services, and PoC


Affiliate, bundle, resale, distribution partnerships


Supplier & procurement partnerships


Support a common cause together 

CSR Partner
Non-profit Partner
Pro-bono Partner

About Us

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Integrated Cloud are a software company based in Glasgow, Scotland. We offer SaaS solutions that enable businesses to exploit the benefits of cloud technology. Our comprehensive Business Management System, CloudCube, has been built using years of experience of working in service delivery and in empowering massive Digital Transformation projects for global clients. We believe a lot in integrated data which is why we build CloudCube the way we do. CloudCube also aims to reduce the need for API configuration by having all your data already in one secure platform.

We also believe that being tied consistently to the standard Software Development Lifecycle can be a burden on speedy innovation and impede changes to new priorities as a business. That’s why we build and enhance CloudCube using our bespoke Low-Code Development Platform, CloudCubeDNA. It offers organisations the opportunity to swiftly build new applications at a fraction of the cost and time of the standard SDLC. We call this Hyper-Development and believe in being more agile than Agile as an organisation.


Information Technology and Services

Team Size:



United Kingdom



  • worked with Cisco , Deutsche Bank, Thomsan Reuters

  • Build out of infrastructures in two Datacenters for a top 4 UK Retail Bank 

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