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The key to a successful business

expansion lies in choosing a support company.

We have more than 50 support genres such as company establishment, consulting, market research/marketing, and sales channel expansion. You can find the perfect support company for free from 700 hand-selected partners companies worldwide.


Business development & overseas expansion consultants and agencies who are familiar with the business circumstances of each country.

Marketing, Advertising, Design, Creative

  • Media Advertising Marketing

  • Digital Marketing & Advertising

  • Software & Mobile Application

  • Web Social media SEO

  • Production & Promotional Film

  • Corporate Identity & Brand PR

  • Content Marketing

  • E-Commerce

  • Graphic design

  • Text & Content

  • Organizing an Event

  • Media Planning

  • Photo Shooting

  • Brand Consultancy

  • Augmented & Virtual Reality

Market research / development / business solutions

  • Market research

  • Corporate surveys

  • Sales agents, distributors

  • Halal certification

  • Exhibition companies

  • Payment system, intermediately companies

  • EC shop opening/development companies (Taobao, Alibaba, Amazon)\

Company Formation / Establishment / Legal / Tax / Accounting

  • Company formation

  • Office company address/establishment,

  • Manufacturing facility search, arrangements

  • Trademarks and licensing

  • Contract creation and legal check

  • Oversees tax and accounting

  • Oversees legal affairs


  • Financing: Introducing support companies who are familiar with funding support and subsidy acquisition when expanding overseas

  • Grants / subsidies: Introducing excellent companies that support application and acquisition of subsidies and subsidies

  • Oversees insurance: Introducing insurance agents familiar with overseas transactions such as overseas transaction credit insurance and export insurance

Global Human Resources

  • Local HR agencies

  • Platforms, tools, automations

  • HR affairs, regulatory services

  • Local working visa supports

  • Overall training

  • Language training

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We craft their offers with your needs and deliver by simplifying.


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