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Career Readiness Program - 1st Batch Activities

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

We like to announce proudly that the Career Readiness Program 1st Batch is starting on 24th Nov 2020. The Career Readiness Program is going to be an ongoing program. This program focuses on training digital skills and soft skills that youths should know for getting ready for an international remote career, gaining digital literacy, presentation, design sense, teamwork, and having more networks. We are hoping that Career Readiness program members can get confidence and self awareness about digital literacy at the end of the program.

Overall Activities

Around 40th Myanmar youths joined our 1st batch career readiness program.

We selected them from more than 250 highly competitive applicants who applied for this career readiness program. Their backgrounds are so diverse. Some come from YTU, NMDC, YUFL, YU. Some joined from Australia and Japan with different time zones. We divided into 12 to 15 members group A, B and C and scheduled from November to December in order to be more effective.

1st Batch Career Readiness Program - Day 1 Activities

On the first day, we introduce them to Miro, a digital whiteboard that can be used for collaborative activities. To make them used to Miro and to get networking between them, we made ice breaking sessions using Miro. And for making them get a productive week, we give the g-suite training assignment. On the first day, we mainly focused on networking between the members to get better outcomes in a warm workplace.

1st Batch Career Readiness Program - Day 2 Activities

On the 2nd day, the Career Readiness Program members made their self-introduction presentation video with soapbox and canva. Economics is changing and creating self-introduction presentation videos becomes useful in future international remote careers. We asked them to do presentation videos to improve presentation, design skills and to get used to new tools. From this task, we believe they will get to know about other members and more about new tools (soapbox and canva).

Now, let’s watch together how their self introduction videos look like.

1st Batch Career Readiness Program - Day 3 Activities

On the 3rd day, we had a brainstorming session to find a conclusion for a specific problem by gathering a list of ideas spontaneously contributed by members. From this session, we got a lot of opinions from all members and learned a lot about specific topics. All members actively participated and gave a lot of fresh ideas. We did have a productive day. From this activity, we learn how to solve issues, find ideas and the members’ teamwork is becoming stronger. And they will also pitch their ideas on the final day.

1st Batch Career Readiness Program - Day 4 Activities

We’d like to share Day 4 activities of the 1st batch Career Readiness program.

On the 4th day, we made a Linkedin Workshop and a mentorship session. In the LinkedIn workshop, we shared knowledge about Linkedin and gave members instructions to be more professional. They understand better how important professional social media is for landing the dream job and able to expand business networks. They also got endorsements for what they are good at. In addition, we also did a mentorship session. In the mentorship session, we got a lot of questions related to our company, entrepreneurship, and their own careers. Our founders Erdinc and Yuli gave advice and answered their questions. We are glad that we got a chance to answer what they want to know and give advice to them.

1st Batch Career Readiness Program - Day 5 Activities

After the brainstorming and mentorship sessions, here comes Day 5 on which the members marvellously did their presentations. During the brainstorming session, the members were assigned in groups of three or four people and given titles whereon they had to point out the problems and find the solutions. Even though they only had three days to prepare all the presentations in teams, they all amazed us with their effective presentations which were indeed informative and creative. It was a great time as the members and the mentors found themselves enjoying the presentations by discussing the topics, shooting questions and sharing their opinions.

1st Batch Career Readiness Program - Day 6 Activities

This is Networking Event within the Fellowship Community. All the members of Openfor 1st Batch and 2nd Batch internship and 1st Batch Career Readiness Program were invited. The event was hosted on Zoom on 20th December,2020.

The program started with the members’ self-introductions. And then, the members were given more time to chat with each other in the breakout rooms for about fifteen minutes in each room. The last session was the game session where our attendees and the mentors played quizzes on Kahoot. We are very happy that we were able to have an unforgettable moment for all of us and that we had a very nice bonding time with all the members. We truly appreciate all the members for joining and for their active participation.

1st Batch Career Readiness Program successfully finished at Dec 20th, 2020

We have successfully finished our 1st Batch Career Readiness Program on 20th Dec 2020.

We are really thankful to each member for working hard during this Career Readiness Program.

Please check out 1st Batch Career Readiness Program Testimonials in here.

Stay Tuned as a lot more awesome programs are on the way. If you found it interested to join our fellowship program, follow our fellowship social media Facebook and LinkedIn page not to miss our regular announcements.!!!



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