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Wrap-up report after connect & pitch event at 19 Dec K-NIC - Japan

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

We are proud to announce that we achieved to deliver our the first borderless event together with 11 startups from 10 countries within 4 weeks. Here is the post-event wrap up report and our learnings.

We'd like to thank our venue partners K-NIC Kawasaki-NEDO Innovation Center & NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Development Organization) and their members especially Miyako-san! K-Nic members were trying so hard to be able to deliver the content in right time including design, Japanese translation, reaching out to the corporations. Arranging event prep-meetings, timezones, tight schedule and many more things was challenging and special thanks for our partner startups X-Mode , R-Brain, WeWalk, Kasko, BitOfProperty, Oacp, D-Risk, Botanalytics,, Interesting Engineering, 6nomads for their participation and understanding. Our startups was from those following countries (US, UK, Italy, Turkey, Estonia, , Israel, Russia, Singapore, Thailand).

All startup partners were also trying so hard to catch the tight schedule. (Such as create a new 3 mins pitch video, by adding the back ground story and the collaboration call, practicing and getting feedbacks regardless of time difference, joining the event with their timezone and patient with us for our inexperience process).

By working together, we can feel that how much startup founders are passionate for collaborating with globals and local partners for growing in the new markets.

All audiences feels the same and most of attendees said thank you for making this happen. Some startups members joins the event with their time zone 1 AM, 2 AM without sleeping and one of start up founders is visually impaired.

Final thanks is to the attendees from Tokyo, Japan.

Around over 30 members joins us even thought it was las week before the Christmas holiday and even more it was rainy and very cold weather in outside. We are happy with quality of attendees more than number of attendees who is passionate to collaborate with global startups.

Some Japanese leading corporations like NTTCommunications, NTT AT, AmazonAWS, TOSHIBA, TVTokyo and Japan's leading government organization like JETRO were joined. We are looking forward and excited about future collaboration opportunities! We have learned a lot of things from this experiences and we are expecting to grow more audiences. We are going to do event regularly with the same concept in Japan and other countries. (Next event is planning in Taiwan and Korea). Please follow or subscribe our page for the future events for collaborating with startups from all around the world. If you are a startup and seeking growth through collaborations, create a collaboration call! ››

Here are event day photos...

Innovative features we apply to event

We applied the following innovative features for efficiently deliver the content to the audiences and not to waste the time of speakers.

  1. Prerecorded Video Pitch : 3mins prerecorded Pitch video

  2. Realtime Q&A Section : Startups joined live in event day for Q&A

  3. Printing Materials : Startups brief explanation list in Japanese that includes QR code of pitch document details.

  4. Exhibition Area : We provide the exhibition area to all startups which pitch on stage and represent by us with Collaboration Calls Print Materials. If they have more questions, we give brief explanation. For more details and want to connect with startups, we accept name cards for connecting between them.

  5. Collaboration Calls : We design collaboration calls both for our website and printed version for the exhibition area. Collaboration calls are short profiles of startups that we represent. It makes easier, visible and understandable for partnership purposes and getting found by relevant partners across the globe through our network. Please check it out ››

Japanese market focus extra features

  1. Japanese Translations: We provided Japanese translation for website and social media of our partner K-NIC.

  2. Japanese interpretation: We translate and interpret realtime of pitch content and Q&A


Our function is bringing and introducing multidisciplinary innovation ecosystem players with each other, across the globe.

  • With this event concept, we took an opportunity to announce our startups to over 300 enterprises and investors in Japan.

  • Trough social media, we reach around 5,000 relevant audience with both Japanese and English content.

  • We conduct peer to peer, both international & domestic interactions between our startups and attendee companies. (at least 30 collaboration leads)

  • Everybody scan or took pictures of printed collaboration calls print material.

As next step we will arrange further meetings between, startups enterprises and investors who interest during the event.

Startup List

1# We Walk (Country: Turkey / Category: Apps, Medical Device)

WeWALK is the world’s most revolutionary smart cane developed for the visually impaired people. WeWalk is creating the best smart cane for the blind and visually-impaired. Equipped with advanced sensors, speaker, & vibration, walking is easy and extremely safe with WeWALK smart cane. With the integration via your smartphone and We WALK app, calling an Uber directly from WeWALK smart cane is just one-button-click simple.


2# KASKO (Country: U.K / Category: FinTech, Insurance, SaaS)

Kasko is an insurance distribution network that allows you to quickly and easily integrate insurance products into a site, service, or app. KASKO makes insurers agile. Via our middleware insurers can launch and continuously optimize insurance services in a cost- and time-effective manner without having to reprioritize internal IT resources. Think big, start small, scale fast! 


3# QueQ.Me (Country: Thailand / Category: Apps, Lifestyle, Search Engine)

QueQ is a revolutionary queuing system that allows users to virtually stand in line. The users can simply book their queue within 2 km away from outlet via the mobile application, then continuing to enjoy their current activities without being worried about missing the queue. The queue length will be updated via the app in real-time. Once coming close to the user’s queue, an alert is automatically sent, informing the user to get back to the shop/restaurants on time. Currently, QueQ has dominated in the chain restaurant industry with millions of users in its platform then targeting to next industries which are a hospital and health care in Thailand and Malaysia. For the next further step, this shall be data farming of user behaviors driving business expansion for the advertisement area. 


4# Interesting Engineering (Country: U.S / San Francisco /Category: Media)

Interesting Engineering is a cutting edge, leading community designed for all lovers of engineering, technology, and science. Join us to keep up with the latest in new technological advances, ground-breaking scientific discoveries and the most Interesting Engineering projects in the entire world. As well as cool recent developments in these fields we also bring you some of the coolest and most interesting science, technology and engineering information from the past. Satisfy your thirst for knowledge, research a new project or find the latest tech gadgets, we have it all. Learn about amazing discoveries and inventions by the most celebrated tech, science and engineering geniuses of all time or step back in time to see the marvels of the past. A truly wonderful resource for all students, experts and enthusiasts with a passion for the developing world.


5# 6Nomads (Country: Russia, Category: Information Technology, Recruiting, Software)

Hire reliable full-remote engineers for your startup. Hire top engineers from all over the world. We match distributed teams with relevant remote individuals.  It's a network of pre-vetted senior engineers who want to join your tech team remotely on a full-time basis.


6# BitOfProperty (Country : Estonia / Category : Crowdfunding, Real Estate Investments)

Choose from professionally managed properties, diversify your money and start earning passive income from €50. BitOfProperty is a real estate investment platform, giving an opportunity for people to invest in rental properties with smaller amounts. We connect property owners/developers who wish their properties to be invested in with investors who want to invest in rental real estate. Our vision is to become a marketplace where people can exchange bits of properties on a global level. We want people to have an opportunity to build their real estate portfolio globally by allowing them to buy and sell bits of properties on the marketplace and provide owners/developers new avenue to sell their real estate.


7# D-Risk Technology Pte. Ltd. (Country: Singapore, Category: Risk Management, FinTech)

Get risk assessment of any company listed on any exchange globally for Businesses, Financial Institutions, Intermediaries, Investors, and Issuers 


8# Botanalytics (Country: USA, Industry: Conversational Analytics)

Botanalytics is a conversational analytics tool for bots, helping bot makers to improve human-to-bot communication.


9# X-Mode (Country: U.S / San Francisco / Category: Location data, Location Based Services, Mobile Advertising)

X-Mode’s location data platform maps over 15% of the US population monthly. Our panel powers attribution and customer segment based solutions for over 25+ companies in ad-tech, fin-tech, market research, and real estate. 


10# R-Brain  (Country: U.S / San Francisco /Category: Data science, Artificial Intelligence)

R-Brain provides an integrated cloud/on-premises data science platform for developing models with popular open source languages. Powered by

Jupyter, our IDE, console, notebook and markdown are all integrated into one environment with full language support for R and Python. At R-Brain platform, Data Scientists are able to turn their models to applications or publications and promote them to marketplace effortlessly. R-Brain empowers data scientists with quick setup, instant collaboration and version control at workspace level. 


11# OaCP (Country: Italy / Category: Medical Tech, Genetic Tech) 

OaCP reduces cancer’ genetic tests time from 3 days to 2 hours and the cost by 50% with its chemical reagents


12#  Hargol (Country: Israel/ Category: Food tech)

Hargol FoodTech grasshoppers are a superior protein alternative in every aspect Most widely eaten insect in the world Almost neutral taste & flavor. 


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