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What to Prepare During University Time to Increase the Chance of Getting Hired

In this blog, we are going to share our regular knowledge exchange session about “What to Prepare During University Time to Increase the Chance of Getting Hired” by La Min Ko Ko & Aye Nyein Chan Pyae.

We regularly hold knowledge exchange sessions for our community members and outside of the community. We did the following knowledge exchange session On February 18th, 2022, 6:30-7:30 PM JST time.

This blog covers the following topics :

Please check out more details in the following video or in the following blog.

1. Speakers, La Min Ko Ko & Aye Nyein Chan Pyae’s Profiles

La Min Ko Ko

La Min Ko Ko is an undergraduate student majoring in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Myanmar Institute of Information Technology. He is an open-minded and creative person. He is now working as a part of the IT team at

Aye Nyein Chan Pyae

Aye Nyein Chan Pyae is a final year IT student from Mandalay Technological University. She is a volunteer AI teacher at Thate Pan Hub. She worked as an IT intern but now she is working as a team member for the IT team at

2. Student Society

The first one is to join student society more. By joining student society, you will get a lot of soft skills and will be more interactive between team works. You will also expand your social network and will be much helpful to your resume. You will also gain leadership skills.

3. Volunteering

Just like joining student society, volunteering in organizations or events will also make you learn new skills and expand your social network. You will gain experiences from your work. Being a part of the community will also expand your resume. In Myanmar, there are a lot of organizations like IT companies that are calling for volunteers, so joining them will help you gain knowledge on IT too.

4. Attend the Workshops

Attending the workshops is the best opportunity to meet people with the same interest and passion. You will see how they work on their projects, you can ask the questions you want to know, then you will get the networking opportunities. By seeing the people you met at the events, you will feel motivated and inspired to work in your field too.

5. Practice Skills

First of all, you need to learn basic coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and Java script. After you have mastered those, pick a language that you would like to learn first. There are a lot of languages to learn such as PHP, Python, Java, etc.. There are front-end developers, back-end developers, and full-stack developers. You will need to pick your language according to your interest. After you have learned one of those, you will need to work on databases and frameworks. Learning a language isn’t easy. You will need to make a study plan, set a goal how much you will learn for a day. And you have to practice everyday.

6. Build Own Projects

Creating and building your own projects is another way to increase the chance of getting hired after we have finished university. Showing your past projects will help you get into the company or organization you like to work in. You don’t have much job experience but the projects you built are the experiences for you. Creating your portfolio will also impress the hiring manager and you will have a better chance of getting hired than those who don't. I would like to recommend that even if you are not from the IT field, you always need to create projects and portfolios for your career.

7. Participate in Competition

Participating in Competitions will expand your skills and knowledge. You will gain experiences and technical skills even if you don’t win anything. La Min Ko Ko had participated in Robotians Competition and WITA wards Competition in his country, Myanmar. The first one is the robotic competition between IT universities. He and his team had won first runner-up there. The second one is the website competition. This one is to create innovative and creative websites’ designs to support Myanmar youths.

8. Language Proficiency

English is an international language which is used by people all around the world. Aside from English, learning new languages will help you with your career too. If you work for a Japanese Company, you will need to communicate with them with your Japanese skill. It is very effective for your career too.

9. Build CV

It is important to build a good CV when you apply for a company because the employers will reject you if your CV looks so bad even when you have good skills. Implement good formal structure like your introduction, your education, your experience and skills. Have a nice photo of yourself in your CV and make a beautiful layout design. You need to add every little detail about your experiences and projects you have done so that it will impress the employers.

10. FAQ from Webinar Attendees

Q1 : Which coding language should I start learning that I can start easily ?

Ans : You should start learning from basic HTML, CSS, Java script. After you have learned those, you can choose other languages you want. For the recommendation, we can’t suggest which one is better, but you have to think out yourself which part of coding you want to do, then you can choose the best option for yourself.

Q2 : Where can I learn those things? YouTube or any other websites?

Ans : There are a lot of courses nowadays like Coursera, Giga Course. They are actually paid courses but their courses are very detailed, so I recommend those. YouTube is a good place to learn basics too.

Feel Free to Comment if you have any questions!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. We will try to reply to your questions by asking as much as possible. If you have any webinar title you like to hear from, comment below too.

We hold this knowledge exchange session to public for their interest titles by inviting relevant speakers. If you like to join our community, please check out our social media pages Facebook , Linkedin and youtube.


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