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Business skill and career development programs

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2 week long international remote career readiness program to expand your career opportunities to global!

Starting from 500$

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4 weeks long intense booth-camp for both idea and early-stage startups.

Starting from 1,000$

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We design completely customized program for you and for your teams.


Business Language
Career Readiness

International Remote
Career Readiness Program

$500 + Free fellowship community membership

2-weeks long Career Readiness Program that will allow you to be ready for an international career. You will be more confident and self-aware of the remote working environment and tools.

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Hiring international is increasingly getting common. Are your qualifications and skills ready?

A 2-week extensive remote career readiness program will allow youths to be ready for an international career and grow your network.


  • Learn latest International business tools and business skills

  • Gain more confidence in English working in a English speaking environment

  • Get Mentorship directly from international startup founders and executives

  • Get Job/Internship opportunities from International Companies

  • Enjoy remote working and network with people from diverse backgrounds

Program Outlines

1. Business Basics

  • Basic Remote working tools: Miro, Canva, G-suite, Zoom, Discord, Soapbox

  • Self-expression

  • Email & report writing, Responding Inquiries

2. Job Application and Interview

  • CV, Cover Letter

  • LinkedIn profile development

  • Interview practice and tips

  • Remote interview tips

3. Presentation and Pitching

  • Presentation Design and preparation

  • Giving a speech and meeting etiquettes

  • Video-meeting & Phone call techniques

  • Mentorship & Networking

4. Collaboration and Team-work

  • Basic Digital Marketing

  • Basic Market Research, Market Analysis, and Business Development Workshop

  • Turning an idea into a product Workshop


  • Can communicate in English, at least intermediate level.

  • A stable internet connection and a proper working device (Laptop or Desktop)

  • University Student or Working Profession who wants to expand your career to international


(50% off for 20 Early Birds who apply before May 9th, 2021)

Enroll now!

New batch coming soon. Seats are limited!


Entrepreneurship Program

$1,000 + Free fellowship community membership

Kickstart your ideas! This is a 4 weeks-long boot camp with basic entrepreneurship knowledge, regular mentorship sessions, and workshops.

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Have business ideas but don't know how to turn them into reality?

This entrepreneurship program supports you with toolkits, mentorship supports, networking, business, and investment opportunities.


  • Get training and workshops

  • Grow your International Network

  • Direct Mentorship from Founders and Seniors

  • Test and validate your business idea

  • After finishing this program you will have a business plan, and pitch-deck ready.

Entrepreneurship Program outlines

Day 1 - Onboarding day:

  • Orientation

  • Workspace setting-up session

  • Networking

Day 2 - Entrepreneurship basics

  • What does it mean to be an Entrepreneur? Where do entrepreneurial ideas come from? What is necessary, what is not?

  • How to pitch an idea? Essential pitching techniques. What is an elevator pitch, and how to do it?

  • How to make networking virtually? Essential techniques.

Day 3 - Ideation basics

  • How to define problems and come up with solutions?

  • How to ideate? Ideation basics, intro to the design thinking

  • How to rapidly evaluate ideas? Facing with the target audience or customers.

Day 4 - Customer & Market

  • Basics of market research, customer journey mapping, and persona analysis.

  • How to define your market. (Market Sizing & Industry Analysis)

  • How to define your customer segment with qualitative and quantitative research.

Day 5 - Biz Model & Revenue

  • What is a business model and what are the common business models?

  • How to find and develop a business model? (The Biz. Model Canvas)

  • How to charge and develop revenue models that suit your stage? (Pre-revenue)

Day 6 - Product

  • What is an MVP? How to make a mockup or prototype?

  • Evaluating trends, setting quality targets, and benchmarking to the industry KPIs.

  • The product roadmap, production planning.

Day 7 - Marketing, Branding, Design

  • What is a marketing strategy? Understanding 7Ps. Digital, social, content marketing.

  • Branding strategy, strategic positioning, concept development, and naming.

  • Design basics, design benchmarking, intro.

Day 8 - Legal and IP 

  • How and where to register your business entity?

  • Intro about Local and global regulations, agreements, and GDPR.

  • Defining IP, domain name, TM.

Day 9 - Go-to-market & Scale

  • What is a go-to-market strategy and unit economics with common practices?

  • Defining market opportunities. Deciding target markets and customer segments: Applied market research, insight, and data. Brand positioning.

  • Channels: Customer acquisition channels. Test marketing messaging. Conversion: Rates, strategies.

Day 10 - Sales

  • Basics: Sales planning, projections, growth strategies, and tactics.

  • Pivoting and continuous development. How to set KPIs, how to track and measure.

  • Developing a sales funnel. Defining your unique selling proposition.

Day 11 - Hiring and capability building

  • Self-assessment, research, listing potential candidates, building offers

  • How to hire remotely? Interview, test project, internship, paperwork, agreements, and termination?

  • Basics of management: Lean, Scrum, Agile. (Remote edition)

Day 12 - Finance and fund-raising basics

  • Finance: Modeling and projections for an early-stage startup.

  • Startup accounting basics. Taxes and VATs

  • Startup funding basics: Bootstrapping, loans, venture capital, crowd-founding.


Day 13 - Demo day event.


  • Early or idea stage startups

  • Can communicate in English, at least intermediate level.

  • A stable internet connection and a proper working device (Laptop or Desktop)


Program fee: $1,000

Enroll now!

New batch coming soon. Seats are limited!


Custom Programs

Business Meeting

Are you looking for a special program for your teams?

Here is our solution: We design completely customised program for you and for your teams.


  • Completely remote

  • Cost-effective & affordable

  • Fast delivery


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Custom Programs

Insights and Testimonials


Youne Yatu Nwe

"Internship at is an amazing opportunity for me. I learned how to use digital tools very well. Most of the practices I am able to apply most of the practices that I have learned. I focus on learning marketing and getting my tasks done, and I gain more self-confidence. As my mentors, Erdinc and Yu Li provide me the motivation and inspiration for my career interests."

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