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Internship Program Activities - 1st Batch

We initiated the Openfor fellowship community program in Sep 1st 2020.

Our first initiation activities of our community was recruiting intern members for 1st batch internship program. In this first batch, we recruited 15 Myanmar youths with competent skills and mindsets. Myanmar is a developing country with smart talents so we thought that it might be great to give them a chance to expose the international remote working experiences.

Overall Activities

Please check it out for details of our fellowship community initiation, background, working culture and overall activities that we generally do in internship program in this blog our fellowship community initiative .

In this blog, we’d like to share a little bit about what our each teams were doing. We divided our 1st batch intern members into 5 groups ( Marketing, Human resources,, IT, Japanese and Design team) with their career interest and performance during 1st week training program. We assigned them the related tasks and responsibilities for each team for making them get used to the real job tasks and gave them experiences.

Marketing Team Activities

Marketing team mainly focused on content creation and content ideation. They are responsible for the fellowship social media marketing. They also made designs for Facebook events held by,email marketing and email signature design. In this group, 5 members worked together to meet our marketing goals. Meet our Marketing team members talking about their experiences during the 1st batch program.

HR Team Activities

Our HR team is a part of the growth of our company. They mainly supported the next batch recruiting process. They assisted our founders screening and interviewing talents.

Planning Team Activities

Planning team took care of event planning and scheduling. They made the event from scratch. The Planning team worked together with the marketing team and brought out the best result to us. They got to learn hands-on experiences related to the event planning.

IT Team Activities

IT team created new ideas for the company website and maintains it using Wix. They also created a chat bot prototype for the company Facebook Page. Two members worked together to maintain the company’s networking system. They also helped other interns whenever they had problems with technology. Let’s see what they get to learn during the internship program.

Japanese Customer Support Team Activities

Our company mainly focuses on business in Japan. Japanese team supported Japanese related business operations such as customer profile evaluation databases. They also made professional research in specific industries to reach out to more clients. In this group, two members worked together.

Successfully Finished on Sep 27th, 2020

We successfully finished our 1st Batch Internship Program on sept 27th 2020. We really thank and appreciate our fellows for actively working and participating during this internship. Please check 1st batch internship testimonial for more insights. If you found it interest to join our internship programs, please subscribe to this blog or follow our Social Media Linkedin and Facebook pages. Stay tuned for more interesting and fabulous programs are around the corner!


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