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5 Things You Should Know To Get Selected from the Remote International Programs/Jobs

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Since community starts from September 1st, 2020, we have around 3000 applicants from various different backgrounds of 19 countries. But only 7% (150-200) members are selected.

You may all wonder how we are selecting with what criteria and how you can get selected.

Here are the common facts we checked on the application. It is not only for selection criteria but also other global companies HR managers use the similar criteria to filter out.

The members who got selected has the followings:

  • Well prepared CV

  • Presentable LinkedIn Profile, has strong network and quite active

  • Digital Literacy Skills and Language Proficiency Skills (English)

  • Lots of activities such as volunteer, internship, personal projects, etc

  • Remote working environments

After you get selected and finish any international programs such as case competition, which requires communication skills, team work, digital skills and so on,, you will have better exposure and increase the chance of getting hired by other jobs or scholarships that are offered by or other companies and organizations. There are so many case studies that our fellowship members got offers of scholarships, job offers after joining our fellowship programs.

If you are the one who is not selected, there is high possibility that

1. Lacking a proper CV

You have known that a decent and well prepared CV is vital to get chosen from the programs or jobs you are applying for. Therefore, preparing your CV to be well presentable is the first step you could do. When making up the CV, there is one thing you have to be careful about.

That is you should only include your experiences that can really help you stand out from the many applications rather than including all of the experiences you have in your resume or CV because it might make the recruiters assume you are overqualified or not match for the vacant position.

Please check out this blog for more details about how to prepare CV

2. Not able to present professionally on social media such as LinkedIn

Recruiters can see how competent, professional and well behaved you are through social media, especially LinkedIn. LinkedIn is now a popular platform for seeking job opportunities. Suppose, there are two applicants with the same qualifications for the vacancy, the rate of getting employment will then depend on how well you presented yourself in social media.

Please check out this blog for more details about how to have better professional LinkedIn profile Land a dream job: Tips to prepare your CV and LinkedIn profile

3. Lacking the necessary digital knowledge and Language skills

You’ve known that we can’t run a business only with human workforces. It doesn’t align with the size of the business. Even the small businesses need digital tools to handle and control the other operations that can’t be done by humans.

According to it, you must have the skills of digital literacy that are being used by that company or programs when you’re applying to it. You must be able to show and approve that you know how to use them, how perfectly you can handle them, etc.if not, we’re sorry to say that you couldn’t be in the final lists

Another basic skill is having the language skills that are asked for. Here,, we ask for the English Proficiency Skills to be able to join our programs. If you don’t have the language, there may be less chance to get selected.

Therefore, make sure to have the required language skills when you are going to apply for a program or job. If you’re competent enough for learning two or three languages, we would like to recommend you to go for it.

4. Lacking any activities such as volunteer, internship, etc

If you’re an undergraduate, you must possess volunteering or other internship experiences to be able to stand out between your opponents in applying to the programs or jobs. On the other hand, if you have already graduated but you could not show any working experiences to the recruiters, it is a pity to say that you have to wait another round to get into final lists.

It is reasonable to say that an undergraduate or fresh graduate has nothing in experience but has only volunteer experience. But for graduates, if you do not have the opportunity to gain work experience, you must have at least some volunteer experience.Therefore, try not to confuse your educational level with your work experience.

We also count personal projects, competition programs as activities too. programs like capsule, career readiness, internship programs are also count as activities too from HR perspective.

5. Lacking emote working environments

In this age of everything improving fast, while everyone is trying so hard to have the latest device of anything, you couldn’t be in the selected lists if you don’t have at least a proper device to work with.

Especially, in these years where there has been a massive transition to remote work, having appropriate internet connection and devices are becoming a must have needs when you apply for a job or program. You should have made sure to have those before applying them.

There might be other reasons that you are not getting selected over these mentioned facts.

You just have to keep trying with any ways to get selected.

You also like to join this kind of program but do not know where to start, what to do, we are going to launch the career Career Readiness Program for you.

What is Career Readiness Program?

It’s a 2-week program which is aimed at both fresh graduates and undergraduates to train them to be ready for their career pathways. Career readiness program by is especially for the youths who are lacking in experience and candidates who have less chance of getting selected for the job or programs that they are applying for. During the program, you will get intensive training which will help you to build a strong professional profile and also career development. So our program is beneficial for everyone who is lacking in digital knowledge and who is not able to present a professional profile.

After this program, you will have a professional profile and all the necessary skills you need to take a step into the international career field. Although it will be a paid program, scholarships will also be given to qualified applicants. For detailed information about the program, we will announce it very soon.

Stay Tuned Everyone!!!

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