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[We are recruiting - 2nd Batch Career Readiness Program]

Looking for International Career Opportunities ?

Thinking of applying for university Scholarships?

Do not have any Activities, Experiences, Skills to show on your CV?

Do not want to wait to get selected for the Free Scholarship Program?

Your age is not eligible for applying to our Scholarship Capsule Program? 3-week Career Readiness Program might be a good starting point for you and get ready to explore more your international career. After you successfully finish this program, you will become community members.

Program Outlines

  • Mentorship for your International Career Readiness

  • Presentation Skill

  • Communication Skill

  • Team Work

  • Networking Skill

  • The Most Necessary Digital Literacy Skills

  • Polishing Personal Branding by getting templates and feedbacks

Duration of the program

3 weeks Consecutively

*Get trainings on both weekdays and weekends


  • Get 3-week long Remote Working Skill Training and Workshops

  • Mentorship and Training from international experienced mentors

  • Networking with youths and experienced professionals from different countries

  • After successfully finishing this program, you will become a member of the fellowship community based on you performance and commitment after the program

  • Accredited Certificate of Completion Career Readiness Program Community Members Benefits

  • Get Ambassador / Volunteer / Internship / Job opportunities form us or from our partner

  • Get scholarships opportunities for some workshops like Entrepreneur, Business Development, Partnership Development and many more

  • Better Personal Branding because we featured you on our social media page in different ways.

  • Get Certificate and Recommendation Letter which is useful for applying foreign university scholarships and the international jobs after finishing internship or committing as a team member here

What makes this Career Readiness Program different from Full Scholarship Capsule Program

  • One time pay and get into the Final Lists right away

  • There is no age limit for applying this program

  • Be our Fellows at once after the program

  • Get More dedicated care for 3 weeks

  • One by One specific mentorship sessions from the Founders

  • Extra trainings for additional digital skills and personal brandings

  • Get the Certificate for program finished

  • Get featured on our Social Media Page


  • English Intermediate (must)

  • Familiar how to use computer and internet

  • Having basic digital literacy

  • Proper Device (Laptop, Pc)

  • Connection (Wifi)

Career fields that we provide

  • Business Development

  • Digital Marketing

  • Graphic design/Video Editing

  • Human Resources

  • IT (Web Development)

How to apply

Click "Apply" button below and submit the form. we’ll contact you again for further details


29th May, 2022 (Sunday)


Prior - 200,000 Kyats

Now - 100,000 Kyats

For every program fee you have paid, your contributions may go towards providing for the youths from the career development and entrepreneurship community at the

FAQ about

Activities and Testimonials of fellow members

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