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Her Seyi Yiyen Bebek

Offers Solutions to Get Healthy, Happy and Intuitive Eater Babies and Toddlers

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Nurhayat Aksoy

Her Seyi Yiyen Bebek


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An app in Turkiye is most likely will attract lot of moms. Because, the information on this topic here is too complicated and (sadly) mostly untrue or dated.


They will find what they need in one app. Free info, if more info needed they can buy a guide or a course. Also a community they can build online is really needed here.


For example:

I have 50K followers on instagram account. On a regular Tuesday I announced that I wanted to connect more and said "Let's start a WhatsApp group". Approx 650 people joined in with only one announcement. 450 mothers are in 6-11 month old babies group. 200+ moms are in 12+ months group. We are talking every weekday for the last 3 weeks. I am worried to announce this group again, because with whatsapp probably I cannot keep up myself.


Believe me, demand is high. Mothers are searching every hour for solutions and right informations. And mostly in Turkey elderlies' an in general society's pressure on moms are high. That's why they want to do the right thing. An app, a community, experts showing the right way, simple and specialized products will comprehend all these "little feeding" topics.



Anchor 1

I gave birth during lockdown in pandemic in 2020, in Istanbul. Maybe for a whole year me and my daughter rarely went outside. As a new mom I was sure struggling, but also wanted to learn how to get the best info for my daughter. I took an online baby sleep course from US. It was really helpful for us as a small family, because we didn't have any help from any other human being during pandemic. We learned babies' sleep patterns and really started to sleep well.


Then our daughter turned 6 months old. And she started solids. I fed her well with a spoon at the beginning, but after a while she started to reject to eat completely. So again - I searched for another online help/course on this topic firstly in my country. However, sadly there weren't any helpful resources in Turkey. I researched and took several online courses mostly from US. I started to incorporate what I learned and she started to enjoy eating again.


When she turned 1 year old, we went to pediatrician. Every pediatrician takes some blood tests in Turkey for 1 year olds - to see if there are any low or high values. When our pediatrician saw the results on her computer screen, she froze. Then I worried, because she was always so cheerful and talkative. I said "What happened, is something wrong?". She turned to us and said: "Your baby has the BEST blood test RESULTS I have ever seen. Iron, B12... all are looking really REALLY good!"


After that appointment I cried, because it was a tough year. Then I thought: "There is nothing special about me, there is nothing special about my daughter either. There are just some lacking information problems out there in my country."

Then after a couple of months I decided to open an Instagram account. And started to share what I've learnt. People started to show interest immediately. I was doing lives, preparing videos, posts etc. Then at one point I realized that I wasn't enough, because I was not an expert. So I started to look for experts in their fields.


I now work with 3 experts - with each of them I created specialized online courses in order to provide/solve eating issues in Turkey. We are selling them for the past year.

Also I just designed a physical product, that I started to sell.

I want to create an app, where all up-to-date free informations and online courses, guides and physical products to sell.

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